How To Build a Volleyball Pit

Volleyball is a fun game, a great way to entertain friends, and playing sand volleyball is an excellent exercise option.  If you have a large backyard or are looking to revitalize an open lot in a park, building a volleyball pit could be a excellent option.  Building a volleyball pit takes a lot of leg work, but can be done fairly easily and fairly inexpensively if you can get your friends to help out.  This article will give you instruction in how to build a volleyball pit.
The first step in how to build a volleyball pit is to select a site.  Most sand volleyball courts are 30 feet wide, by 60 week deep.  You will also need at least a 5 foot boundary on each side, so you will need a piece of land that is 40 feet wide by 70 feet long, or 2,800 square feet.  Since there will be quite a bit of digging involved, you will need to pick a spot that has soft dirt, which can be easily removed.
After finding a site, the next step in how to build a sand volleyball kit is to collect all necessary supplies.  It is recommended that you dig at least 3 inches deep, and pour in enough sand to fill the hole, so you will need 100,800 cubic inches of sand (2,800 SF. * 12 * 3).  Sand can be expensive, so expect to spend a few thousand dollars.  You will also need a dumpster to remove all the dirt, and a bunch of shovels or a bulldozer.

The next step in how to build a volleyball pit is to dig out the hole.  As mentioned before, you will need to dig at least 3 inches deep throughout the entire pit.  This will require quite a bit of effort, which can be cut down if you rent a bulldozer to help with the process.
After digging out the three inch ditch across the site, the next step in how to build a volleyball pit is to pour the sand.  This process can also be grueling, as you will need to dump out many bags of sand.  You should have enough sand to fill the entire pit.  Don’t worry about laying it too flat.  It just needs to be even enough to play on.
After laying all the sand, the next step in how to build a volleyball pit is to install the poles, net, and boundary lines.  The poles can easily be installed with a hammer, and the net normally comes in a kit with the poles.  The whole volleyball kit with boundary lines can be purchased for under $100 at any sporting goods store.  After installing your net, you are ready to use the volleyball pit!


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