How To Buy Basic Set of Ice Hockey Equipment

A complete set of ice hockey equipment is important for a player to be safe from injury during the game, as well as to play his or her best hockey. The puck used in hockey is hard and moves very fast on the ice or in the air, and can be fatal when it hits a part of the body. It is a good development that hockey players now are required to wear headgear to protect their face and head, as it was not so a few decades ago.

The protective equipment needed for the limbs are shin guards with kneepads and elbow pads. The shin guards are made of hard shell that protects the front leg from flying pucks, but the back leg is not covered. The elbow pads have an elbow cup and also covers the forearm and the triceps. For the body, the gears used are shoulder pads, jock strap or ladies’ pelvic protector, and neck guard. The shoulder pads already include protection for the torso and spine. The jock strap or ladies’ pelvis protector covers the pelvic area to avoid serious injury especially during collisions. The neck guard is optional since it could make neck movement al bit difficult, but it can protect the neck from injuries especially from flying pucks and hockey sticks held up the air by other players. A helmet combo includes the helmet with strap, a face cage to protect the face from hockey sticks and flying pucks, and a mouth guard.  Mouth guards may be custom made and be fitted by a dentist for a more comfortable fit.

Aside from the protection, you need padded hockey pants. Hockey gloves are worn on the hands to prevent the palms from having blisters, and also to reinforce the thumb in holding the hockey stick.

The equipment needed to play are hockey stick, hockey ice skates and a puck. Choose the right size of hockey stick for you. There are varying sizes for each age level. It may be made of wood or other materials. Choose the one that you are comfortable with.

If you are a goalie, equipment needed are designed specifically for that position in the team. These include a goalie stick, which has a larger blade since it is used to block the puck that enters the goal. The goal skates also have larger blade radius. The goalie mask or helmet has a face cage that fits the face and has high strength to protect from high speed pucks. The protection for the chest and arms are more padded than that of a regular player. Aside from a hockey stick, the goalie has a catch glove on the other hand. A goal jock is harder than the regular jock protector. A goalie also wears a goal pad that covers the legs and knees. Pucks can be blocked by the legs through the “pad stop” method. The goalie wears socks that cover the legs up to the knees to cover the back of the legs, since the goal pad only covers the shin and knees.


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