How To Calculate Batting Average

Any baseball professional or amateur player will tell you that batting is the most essential skill to learn if you aspire to play the sport competitively.  It is definitely much more difficult than learning to catch a baseball with your glove.  To become a good batter you will need to know the correct stance for batting as well as to know how to grip and swing the bat.  Aside from these basics, you will need to enhance your body’s coordination with your eyes.  This is important to be able to hit a baseball flying at you at 80 to 100 miles an hour.  It is through mastering these skills that you will be able to whack a baseball out of the park and score that much needed home-run.  This is the main reason why batting is the most important skill to learn and the most important statistic tracked in the sport.  If you have a high batting average, you are most definitely a skilled baseball player.

  1. The batting average is the oldest statistic to be tracked since the sport's inception.  It is an individual’s record of how efficient he is in hitting the ball that eventually leads to his team scoring a run.  The higher the batting average, the more popular the player would be. 
  2. To get your batting average, the first thing to do is to count your total hits.  A successful hit is when you are able to hit the ball that is in play.  A foul ball or a hit that was caught by an opposing player on the fly is not considered a successful hit.  Normally, organized baseball games will track an individual player’s total hits so you can just refer to their tally.  You can count it as you play as well.  In any case, you will need your total hits.  Let us assume and use 50 total hits as an example.
  3. Now you will have to add up the total number of times you were at bat.  Anytime you are at the plate and whether you successfully hit the ball or were stricken out.  For as long as you step on the plate, and swing at the ball.  Each swing is considered a bat.  The exception to this rule is if the opposing team uses you as a sacrifice walk or hits you with the ball for a walk.  For sample purposes, let us assume that your total at bats is 300.
  4. The next step to arriving at your batting average is to divide your total hits by your total at bats.  In this case, you will divide 50 hits by 300 at bats.  You will then arrive with your average, which is 0.166 rounded off.  Always remember that batting averages are always rounded off to the third decimal place.

Even if baseball is a team sport, players cannot help but look and evaluate their individual statistics.  This is a way for them to assess their performance and what skills they should try to improve.  Batting skills are usually the most practiced skill in the game since it always leads to the team scoring a run.  To do this, they need to be able to calculate their batting averages to properly evaluate things.


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