How To Choose a Bikini for Surfing

It’s hard enough to find a bikini that fits your body and accentuates your best features. However, for those of us who love both the surf and the sand, one would want to add the extra criterion of being able to actually swim and surf in the bikini. This means you can’t go for something that will result in wardrobe malfunctions. No one wants to dive in and come up missing a bikini top or bottom afterwards!

Avoid wardrobe malfunctions by choosing the right bikini for surfing.

  • There are bikinis for showing off, and there are bikinis that you can really swim and do water sports in. Reputable brands such as Roxy, Hurley and Billabong sell bikinis that can be used not only on the shore, but also the water. These are not only functional, but attractive, too.
  • Choose your desired style. If your surfboard has a theme or color scheme, you might want to buy a bikini that matches your surfboard’s design.
  • Look for a bikini with comfortable elastics. Go for something that firmly hugs your body, and will not get untangled while you surf. This goes without saying that string bikinis are probably not the best surfing wear.
  • Choose a good top. The best ones for surfing are triangle tops. Choose a top that’s sewn on the front. You don’t want your top to go loose while you’re on your belly paddling towards a wave. You can also consider racerback and bandeau tops. These will give you adequate support, so you don’t have to worry about losing them while you’re hanging ten.
  • Some bikini bottoms are more comfortable than others, especially when you’re exerting yourself, such as when surfing. Most bikinis might give you that feeling of having a constant wedgie. You can go for more coverage with boy shorts on top of a traditional brief bottom. If you are going for a string bottom, make sure you double-knot before tying a ribbon. This helps minimize the likelihood that the string will come off while you’re surfing.
  • The best options for surfing would be bikini tops and bottoms with elastics that go around your body. You should generally avoid string tops and bottoms, unless you really prefer wearing them over less revealing bikinis.

Before buying your set of bikinis, be sure to try on several varieties first. Walk and move around while fitting the bikini. Pull and tug from all places. Stretch and move about. You will surely be doing a lot of moving when you are surfing. You don’t want to be limited in your movement while surfing just because you’re worried about some body parts popping out inappropriately.

This doesn’t mean, though, that you should avoid skimpy styles altogether. Some of these are still appropriate for surfing, although you should check for the strength of the elastic waistband, and how well the stitches hold. It all depends on how much skin you want to show while surfing. Some surfers would go for wetsuits or dry suits, while some opt for something more revealing, to show off those curves while you show off those surfboard moves.


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