How to Choose the Best Football Gifts for Men

Football medals, collectibles, and jerseys are just a few of the many options out there

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Gift giving can be tricky, but luckily you can find out how to do everything on the internet, from how to borrow money to how to throw a great birthday party. These are all things you might need to do if you're looking to get someone a football gift.

If you have a football enthusiast in your life, one of the greatest things you can get them is a sports-related gift. But there are a lot of football gifts out there to choose from - make sure it's one they're going to love.

A Football Gifts Inspiration Guide

Whether you've got a casual sports fan or someone who bleeds their team's colors, there's something out there that any football lover out there would enjoy receiving. Get some ideas in mind with these great options.

NFL Beer Coozies

Football and drinking beer go hand in hand, so get a gift that will keep their hands warm while keeping their beer cold. You can get beer coozies in any team's logo that you want.

They're also magnetic, so are perfect for tailgating. Set them down in the trunk or the hood of a car, and they won't tip over. Anything that makes drinking beer and watching football easier? Yes, please.

An NFL Toothbrush

Sometimes, there's that person you're trying to find a gift for that literally has everything. For that kind of person, you have to get them a novelty gift. This NFL toothbrush is the most novelty that you can find in a gift.

Plus, every time they brush their teeth, they'll think of you. Gifts are always better when they remind the recipient of how much you care.

An NFL Ugly Sweater

Ugly sweater Christmas parties are all the rage during Christmastime.

You can't show up in an ugly sweater. You can rep your team while winning the ugly sweater competition when you choose to show your team pride in an NFL sweaters.

A Medal to Let Them Know They're The Biggest Fan

You can get a unique, extra fun gift from a trophy & medal website.

You can choose from over twenty football medals to give to the football fan in your life. Not to mention, they have dozens of other medals to choose from.

Give your friends football medals to show their support for their team. You can get them custom engraved to say whatever you want. Think of the customizable opportunities and all the things you could say to your friends.


When you're thinking of buying a gift for someone, you have to consider all their hobbies and the things that interest them.

Chances are that if they're interested in football they also like to grill. A tailgater set combines the best of both worlds. You can show your support for your team while grilling up some steaks on the barbecue.

If you want to go the extra mile in your gift-giving, offer to make the meal for whoever's receiving this gift. The gift of food is often a way to a person's heart.

A Chef Hat and Apron

If you get your sports fan a barbecue set, you might have to get them a chef hat and an apron to go along with it.

You can't have barbecue splatter all over your jersey. Now you can protect it with this apron.

And you know you can't cook a barbecue without a matching chef's hat. Give someone a fun gift like this, and they won't be soon to forget it.

The Armchair Ref's Guide to the Official Rules

This is the perfect gift for someone who watches the game and thinks that they know the sport better than the ref. Is your friend always yelling at the TV because they made the wrong call?

You can let your friends fact check the refs every time they think they know better than what's happening on the big screen with an official guide to the rules. This is not only a gift for your friends, but a gift for you as well, so you can all stop arguing.

NFL Slippers

When you're sitting around watching the game, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Comfort extends down to the shoes you wear as well. Have whoever you're getting your gift for watching in comfort when you give them a nice pair of slippers.

Stainless Steel Coasters

Stainless steel coasters are high quality and show that you have an undying support for your team.

Maybe you're using them at home bar or barbecue. No matter what, they'll protect your surfaces in style. You can get them for whichever of the 32 NFL teams you'd like to support.

This Ridiculous Good Game Shirt

Do you know someone who's a poor sport? Gifts that show people that you're thinking of them are the best kind of gifts, and this gift takes it to the next level. If you know someone who gets upset when their team loses, this is the gift for them.

You can let them know that they have a little bit of a temper problem, while still getting them a funny shirt to wear. It's a win-win situation, even if they lose.

Start Shopping

Three out of four consumers say that they've backed out of buying a gift in the last year. Don't let that be you. Start thinking of what gift you're going to get in advance because chances are if you wait until the last minute you're going to struggle to find the perfect gift.

Also, don't be afraid to do some research! More than half of people don't do research on the items they buy. When that's the case, you could live to regret your gift purchase if something goes wrong.

Finally, don't be shy when giving your football gifts. Gift giving can be scary, but once you research and plan your gift, you'll be sure that the person who is getting it will love it. Make sure you tell the sports lover in your life to check out our athletics blog.


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