How To Clean Aluminum Boats

Cleaning boat

Boats can get rather dirty through wear and tear up on the high seas and it really doesn’t matter what material your boat is made up of. Even aluminum boats, which are a very popular choice for a lot of people, can attract the buildup of dirt and residue from the voyages you take with it. For instance, algae can really latch up tightly and toughly on the boat and may prove tough to remove. It can eat the boat slowly and surely, which makes it rather important to remove this as soon as possible. This is especially critical to aluminum boats that have not been painted or coated. To clean your aluminum boat properly, here are a few simple steps that you can do.

  • Ready the materials. The main ingredient for cleaning your aluminum boat is Tri Sodium Phosphate or TSP. This is the primary cleaning solution you will use to agitate any residue and algae clinging for dear life on your boat. You can purchase TSP in any local hardware store and it comes with instructions on how to properly apply it. Make sure to read up on it. Aside from TSP, you will need several other items to help you in your cleaning task. Make sure to purchase goggles, rubber gloves, a jumpsuit, a bucket, a sponge, a scrubber, a hose, and a continuous supply of water.
  • Mix the solution. As soon as you purchase the TSP, consult the instructions that come with the box on how to mix the cleaning agent. This is where you will need the bucket. Pour the right amount of TSP as mandated by the instructions along with the water and other ingredients to saturate it.
  • Hose the boat. Connect your hose to the water supply; turn the water on and start hosing your boat down. Make sure to hose down every area of your aluminum boat well since the requirement for the application of the TSP cleaning solution is that the area should be adequately soaked and wet. You will want strong water coming through since this will help dislodge a lot of the dirt and residue buildup on the boat as well.
  • Apply the TSP cleaning solution. Wear your rubber gloves and goggles at this point since you really do not want to feel the burning of having the TSP cleaning mixture on your skin. Once every inch of your skin is nice and protected, get the sponge and soak it in the TSP cleaning solution. Apply the now soaked sponge on the boat. Start from the top all the way down to the bottom. Make sure to apply it in long and firm strokes from the top to the bottom. Use the scrubber to scrub off any tough residue on the boat. Soak the scrubber in the TSP solution as well.
  • Rinse the boat. Let the TSP cleaning solution sit for about a minute or two before hosing it off with water. If after rinsing, you still notice algae bunched up and latched on your boat, get the scrubber and soak it in the TSP cleaning solution and apply it again on the particular area. Let it sit for about 5 minutes before rinsing it off. This should dislodge the buildup.

When applying the TSP cleaning solution, it is vital that you don’t let the solution dry naturally while on the boat. This can reduce the strength and resilience of aluminum. Make sure to rinse the solution off after every application. If you need to remove algae by allowing the solution to set, then make sure to apply it after the first coat on the particular area only and prevent it from drying naturally.


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