How To Clean Swim Goggles

Swimming goggles don’t get really dirty “dirty” as when we associate the word for example with diapers. Goggles trap water, sand, the least of which is sweat that’s why it gets dirty or fogged up. Now while you can throw diapers away, goggles can be stored and cleaned this way.

  • Use mild liquid soap. A rule of thumb that you must remember is that whatever cleaning product that you use might be harmful to your eyes or react with the salt or chlorine in the water which in turn will damage not just your goggles but also your eyes. For this purpose, what will work best is mild liquid soap.
  • Scrub your goggles with a soft cleaning pad. A soft pad that you use for washing porcelain or your delicate China will also be ideal for use on your goggle.
  • Turn the water tap to hot. As hot as you can tolerate it. Fill a basin with that.
  • Add the liquid soap in. Work it to a bubble and then place your goggles in the warm and soapy water. Leave it soaking for a minute or two.
  • Get your goggles out of the water and softy scrub it. Dampen the sponge with the same soapy mixture then start to gently scrub the parts of the goggles like plastic lens, then the frame, and last but not the least, the straps.
  • Wash it lengthily and very thoroughly. Turn the taps on to warm and wash your goggles for as long as it will take to get the bubbles out and until the water runs clear. You will know that you are done when your goggles are firm to the touch and it starts to squeak.
  • Set your goggles aside and allow it to air dry. That’s all it takes.

Ditto, something natural to help you with cleaning your goggles that involves white vinegar:

  • Take your goggle off immediately after swimming.
  • Do not store it into your duffle bag. Doing so will encourage mildew. Instead, hang it somewhere in your car while you drive home.
  • Mix half and half water and white vinegar.
  • Dump your goggles in there.
  • Let it soak for 15 minutes.
  • Take it out of the white vinegar and water mixture.
  • Run the goggles under the tap to rid it of the vinegar smell. Be careful not to rub the lens with your fingers.
  • Hang it to dry.

If you are out in the water and you want to clean your goggles in a jiff, you can use some of your spit to make you see better with it. Just make sure you get out of the water first before you do this because it’s just not sanitary and it will be unpleasant for other swimmers to see.

Now if you are in-between breaks at swim practice and you don’t have liquid soap available to you, dive into your duffle bag for a tube of Crest white toothpaste, you can squirt a miniscule amount out of the tube, rub it into your goggles, rinse extremely well and put them back on.

Finally, another tip! For $3.99, you can buy yourself an anti-fogging spray to use on your goggles to prevent the lens from fogging up. This is said to be safe for use and is generally eye-friendly, too. Give this a try in between cleaning and see if it works like it is promised!


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