How To Display a Baseball Pennant Collection

A pennant is a small flag that is used as a commemoration for a winning team. In baseball, pennants are collected by hardcore fans. These pennants can be kept in a safe place or may also be displayed in a case. Baseball pennants must be kept in good condition as these can have a valuable price. The older a pennant is, the more value it has. If you have a collection of baseball pennants that you want to display, follow the simple steps provided below.

Here are the steps that you can follow if you want to display your baseball pennant collection:

  • Prepare your pennants. Prepare your pennants and lay them out on a surface. Count how many pennants you have so that you have a good idea on the size of the case that you need or how many cases you will be needing.
  • Purchase a display case. You can purchase a pennant display case online. Check the website of Grandstand Sports&Memorabilia, Inc.. They sell different types of display cases for every sport. If you have some skills in building, you can also choose to make your own display case. This will save you more money but it can take some time to build the case, especially if you have a lot of pennants to display. You can purchase extra display cases if you know that you will be getting more pennants in the future.
  • Choose a location. Select a location where you want to showcase your collection. You can display the pennant collection in your trophy room, bedroom or living room. The living room and trophy room is ideal if you want to share your pennant collection to your visitors. Measure the display case that you have and make sure that it fits the wall where you want to place the pennant collection.
  • Arrange the pennants. Arrange the pennants inside the case according to your liking. You can arrange them by color, by team or in alphabetical order. When arranging, make sure that they are in the right position. Secure the pennants with tacks or tape but be careful not to damage them. Try to put the display case in an upright position so that you can see if everything is intact.
  • Mount the display case. Use hooks and screws to mount the display case. Drill a few holes on the wall where you can place the display case. When you mount it, make sure that it is secure and that the display case will not fall down. It is best to mount the display case in a place where it is not busy or where it will not be hit.

These are the steps that you can follow if you want to display your baseball pennant collection. If you have other collectibles and sports memorabilia, it is best to buy cases for each of them so that you can preserve the condition. It is also a great way to share your collection with other people who have the same interests as you.


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