How To Dress for a Mexican Rodeo

Wearing cowboy outfits

The unique fashions seen at a Mexican rodeo are at times as impressive as the feats of horsemanship on display. In order to be a part of the celebration, it's important to know what attire to choose when dressing for a Mexican rodeo.

The first step in preparing to dress for a Mexican rodeo is finding the right hat. The typical hat will have a wide brim decorated with beautiful stitching or other design work. Some hats can be secured with a tie that fastens beneath the chin. The basic design of a Mexican rodeo hat is generally the same for both women and men.

The next item to acquire when dressing for a Mexican rodeo is a long-sleeved shirt. A man's dark- or light-colored shirt generally displays some gold stitching or other design that embellishes its pockets and/or sleeves. A scarf tied at the neck adds an extra flare to any shirt. Women often wear light-colored blouses with pastel trim or ruffles. A brightly colored wrap also adds an elegant touch to a woman's ensemble.

A vest and jacket are two more options to consider when dressing for a Mexican rodeo. A traditional leather vest brings added appeal to a shirt. Also, a dark, cropped jacket featuring dramatic design work lends extra flare to a man's overall appearance.

A flowing dress is another option a woman can go with. The women's dresses seen at Mexican rodeo events are especially notable for their frills of lace, ruffles, and cheerful color combinations.

A man dressing for a Mexican rodeo may select comfortable pants that are made unique by the decorative stitching on the pockets. A leather belt with a showy buckle can be a great finishing touch for a dark pair of trousers. If a man wants to add an additional touch of authenticity to his ensemble he can secure a pair of leather chaps over his trousers.

Pulling on the perfect pair of boots is the final step. Boots can be worn by both men and women. A polished, colorful pair of boots that offers elaborate design patterns is sure to draw a lot of attention. When dressing for a Mexican rodeo, a pair of boots can easily be the most stylish part of an outfit.

As a person dresses for a Mexican rodeo he or she should build an ensemble based on tradition as well as style.


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