How To Dress for River Rafting

River rafting is among the few extreme sports you can do all season. Being an extreme sport, expect that river rafting will not only challenge your strength but will also challenge the practicality of your fashion. Dressing properly for river rafting will not only make you look good but more importantly, it will help you feel comfortable and safe.

Here are some tips you should follow when you dress for river rafting:

  • Layered clothing. Any extreme sport will require you to have a layer of clothing. For river rafting, you should start this layer with a swimsuit, then you can have clothes on that are appropriate for the season like lightweight clothing during summer or sweatshirts during winter. Starting your layer with a swimsuit will help your body feel warmer even after dipping in the river, especially in hot summer season.
  • Dress appropriately for the season. Wearing appropriately for the season will keep your body temperature at the right level for river rafting. It’s ideal to wear lightweight clothing like cotton shirts and shorts during summer or spring. Meanwhile, sweatshirts or anything that are warmer are ideal for winter and autumn.
  • Keep dry clothes. You can’t always expect that the sunshine will keep your clothes warm all day. In river rafting, you might always be soaked in wet clothes. Better have a set or two of clothes for your resting periods. Keep these in plastic and make sure that water can’t wet the clothes. This way, you’re sure you have warm clothes for the night.
  • Don’t forget your head. Sunglasses and hats can protect your head from the extreme heat of the sun during summer or extreme cold during winter months. Wear a hat that is ideal for the season. It should be comfortable for wearing and protect you from the sun. Make sure it won’t be blown away by the wind. A chin-strapped hat will be best for this. Sunglasses should keep your eyes protected against the harmful rays of the sun. Like the hat, your pair of sunglasses should also be secured with a head strap.
  • Wet suit for winter. Winter months will be more challenging for river rafting. Wearing a wet suit for winter will keep you safe and warm while enjoying the challenge. If you can’t afford to buy today, better rent one from expedition outfitters.
  • Prepare a rain gear. The weather is always unpredictable. You can’t control it but you can be ready for anything, like rain in a hot summer month. Adding a rain gear inside your backpack will not be a lot of hassle, anyway. Rubberized pants and jackets can both be useful when it rains.
  • What about the feet? Strapped sandals or a pair of tennis shoes that are okay for getting wet will work best for river rafting. Bring walking shoes also especially if you’ll have to hike during the expedition.
  • Bring a sarong. This sheet of cloth can be so simple yet can be useful. You can use it to keep you warm or cool.

No one can predict what will happen on your river rafting. But being prepared will help you survive the uncertainties. Preparing comfortable, safe, and nevertheless stylish clothes will be a good way to prepare for anything during your river rafting adventure.


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