How To Follow the Cricket World Cup

The Cricket World Cup is the premier international championship of men's cricket, organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC), held every four years, just like the Olympics. This world cup is viewed as one of the world's most viewed sports event and is viewed as the most important achievement in this sport.

There have been many people who liked to view this Cricket World Cup since it was organized in England in 1975. And there have already been many teams from various countries worldwide, because of its popularity. There has been television coverage of over 200 countries covering billions of viewers. There are also different ways follow the Cricket World Cup.

Know the game. You will not be able to follow the Cricket World Cup if you do not put some effort into knowing the game. Even basic knowledge counts. You should know that not all cricket players get the chance of joining in the Cricket World Cup. There are several qualifying games or tournaments per region. The so called Test-playing nations qualify directly for the World Cup, while other teams have to undergo a series of preliminary qualifying tournaments. The 91 Associate and Affiliate members of the ICC are able to qualify for the World Cup during the qualifying process. They should play between two and five stages in the ICC World Cricket League to be able to join the finals.

There had been changes in the tournament regulations over the years. There was the so-called Super 6 team then that advanced to the semi-finals and on to the finals. There were 16 teams allocated in the 2007 world cup format. These 16 teams were grouped into four groups of four teams. They play with each other in a round-robin format, earning points for wins and half a point if there are ties. The top two performing teams shall advance the round which is called Super 8 round, with each team playing with the other teams as the tournament progressed. Their points are carried forward from the previous games against other teams. The top four teams will advance to the semi-finals, where the winners shall play in the final match. There will also some changes in the format for the next world cup in 2011. They shall be featuring 14 teams.

Choose your team. It is but natural to support your home team. But you can choose any team you want if your country does not have any representative team. The objective of the game is to score more than your opponent. The bowler's team will try to get batsmen out of the game so that they will score. Batsmen also try to get a score by batting a cricket ball and make it across a boundary line before hitting the ground. This is very much like baseball or softball.

You can follow the scores of your bet team through television updates and also official websites of the teams. You can also download a cricket tool bar so that you will know the standing of your favorite cricket teams. There are also sites that offer e-mail updates of message alert through your mobile. This can also help you follow the world cup any time and anywhere. You will know whether your team is winning or not.

Following a favorite game such as cricket up to the World Cup will surely be a great experience for a fanatic. You can also make this as a bonding activity for your family.


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