How To Get a Football Card Signed by an NFL Player

Card collecting has been a fun hobby and tradition. If you love football, you might choose football cards to start with. Let these be signed by your favorite National Football League (NFL) players. Even your not-so-favorite NFL players can be asked to sign their cards. Who knows, one of them might just become famous one day and your signed card will be worth a hundred or thousand bucks.

However, getting a card signed by an NFL player, especially the rookies and star veterans, is a little bit tricky. You have two general options to get your cards signed—in person or through mail.

Catching the NFL players in person is said to be the traditional way of getting autographs. Here are some tips to do this more effectively:

  • Catch the player before the game. Learn where the player will be about an hour or two before the game. Be there and ask if he can sign your card.
  • Catch the player after the game. If you can’t catch the player before the game, then try your luck after the game. This is a good timing especially if your team won the game.
  • Familiarize yourself with the player’s schedule. Maybe his team will visit a nearby place or will have a practice in a nearby stadium. Visit the player there and try to get his autograph.
  • Use your network. Do you know someone who can help you meet the player in person? Ask that someone to help you with this.
  • Don’t be shy. Do everything you can to get the player’s signature. As long as it’s not illegal and won’t be a great bother to anyone, then do it. Maybe your weird ways will get the player’s attention.
  • Prepare the card and a ballpoint pen before you try to get the football card signed by the NFL player. It will be a waste of time if he still has to look for a pen just to sign your card.

Catching the player in person can be a little tricky and will require a lot of time. A better alternative is sending the player a letter along with the card that will be signed. Below are tips on how to effectively do this:

  • Send the player a letter. It should tell why you want him to sign the card. It should flatter the player a little so saying you’re a huge fan will help. Include in your mail the football card. The letter should be hand-written as much as possible. You’ll have more luck with this than with computerized letter.
  • Protect the card. Wrap the card in bubble wrap or plastic protector. Do not send a rare card, though, or it might not be returned to you.
  • Include a light pen. What if the player doesn’t have time to look for a pen? With a light pen included in the mail, he just needs to sign the card and send it to you.
  • Include a SASE. Self-addressed, stamped envelope or SASE should be included to lessen the player’s work. He just needs to put the signed card in the envelope and send the mail to you. He won’t pay extra charges for that, too.
  • Send more than one mail. Send these to different addresses. This gives you more chance of getting a signed card.

Follow these tips and you’ll get your football card signed within five days to about three months. But still, be prepared to wait longer than three months. Some cards might be returned to you after some years.


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