How To Get Free Fishing Tackle from Bass Pro Shops

If you’re a diehard fan of camping, fishing, hunting or other outdoor recreation, then you might probably know Bass Pro Shops because the recreation merchandise is popular in selling recreation gear and equipment. Bass Pro Shops have various discounts and promos for their beloved customers. One of the promos they give is free fishing tackle. Below are steps and guides on how to get free fishing tackle and how to take advantage of the various promos and discounts of Bass Pro Shops.

  • Collect your reward points.  Bass Pro Shops give rewards to their loyal customers. Their outdoor reward program gives a part of their profit to their customers as reward points. You can get fishing tackle or other outdoor equipment as your gift. Identify the products that they give as gifts before you redeem your reward points so you can target your desired reward. Check if you really need fishing tackle because if you already have some, or you can get some from peers, then make your reward points higher so you can get a better alternative prize.
  • The Bass Pro Shops’ VISA card. Signing-up for a Bass Pro Shops’ VISA card will give you reward points in every product that you will buy at their store. If you accumulated 500 points in your account, you will get a $10 gift certificate where you can use at various Bass Pro Shops. You can also use the gift certificate at their online store. The gift certificate is valid up to 75 days, the expiration date is indicated in the card. If you like, convert the gift certificate to a gift card you can use to stay at the Cedar Lounge. You can earn limitless rebates in Bass Pro Shops.

To enter the Bass Pro Shops program, call 1-800-BASSPR0, or log-in to Visit the nearest BASS PRO Outdoor World store and learn all about the program and the terms and conditions before you register.

  • Know Bass Pro Shops better. They are selling lots of brands like Ascend, Bob Timberlake, Natural Reflections, Johnny Morris Reels, Offshore Angler, Redhead, Uncle Buck’s White River, Worldwide Sportsman, XTS, and XPS.

Get the Bass Pro Shops master catalog so you can have the list of items that they are selling with the corresponding images and prices. Bass Pro Shops also sells auto and ATV/UTV equipments and accessories, golf accessories, home accessories, shoes, men’s and ladies’ clothing, electronics, and gifts to their customers at affordable prices.

Bas Pro Shops have various branches across United States. Another great thing about Bass Pro Shops is they hold outdoor skills workshops to teach various skills like GPS navigation, archery hunting, Dutch oven cooking, and fly fishing.

  • 4Bass Pro Shops coupons. Through Bass Pro Shops coupons, the customers have several months to use the discounts and promos in the selected products of the store. Sometimes, its not just fishing tackle that you can get from promos but other fishing equipment as well.

If you avail yourself of Bass Pro Shops’ VISA card and coupons, ensure that you can optimize it. Visit Bass Pro Shops frequently so you can get the latest discounts and promos. 


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