How To Get Free NASCAR Passes

The NASCAR racing is one of the most popular racing sports today. More than 80 million people are watching this sport all over the world. The NASCAR is so popular that some of its special events can only be viewed through pay per view channels. In the United States, The NASCAR league is the second most viewed racing sport. The NASCAR is also broadcast in over 200 countries around the world. If you love NASCAR, you are just one of the millions of loyal NASCAR fans. Getting free NASCAR passes is one thing you've always dreamed of. Today, getting one free pass ticket into the NASCAR league is really difficult. A NASCAR pass gives you free access to areas that NASCAR racers, teams and staff can only access. Some restricted areas that can you access only if you have free NASCAR passes are:

  • Garage This is where the racing team fixes and upgrades their racing cars from changing tires and oil to filling up gas tanks. If you have a NASCAR pass you can see your favorite team face-to-face. Remember you can only enter the garage before or after the race. Some garages require you to wear certain attire like safety helmets, knee pads and jackets for safety reasons. There are some restrictions like no wearing of sandals, flipflops or open toe shoes. Also keep in mind that you must be over 18 years old to enter and watch NASCAR garages.
  • Front row access A free NASCAR pass gives you the access to the front row seats, giving you the best views of the race. Sitting in the front row gives you clear vision on what is happening in the race from starting their engine to reaching the finish line. A front row seat gives you the thrill from watching cars speed their way to the finish line, from drifting into tight curves to bumping other competing race cars.

Today getting a free NASCAR pass is really difficult because of the growing population of NASCAR fans, but still it is possible. Getting a free NASCAR pass today requires a lot of patience from joining blogs, signing up on ticket websites and promoting some NASCAR online merchandise.

Below are some useful steps and information on how to get a free NASCAR pass. Take note that this requires lots of patience. Remember patience is a virtue.

  • Gather information In order to get a free NASCAR pass you need to be good at researching and networking on the Internet. You need to gather all the information you can get about the NASCAR promos and online events. Remember that some of the websites or blogs on the Internet are giving away free NASCAR passes but require you to sign up first.
  • NASCAR fans club Joining a NASCAR fan site or fan club is also your priority. Some fan sites provide forums which you should join. Forums provide you updates for the upcoming events of the NASCAR racing. Administrators of forums or even loyal members sometimes give away free NASCAR passes.
  • Visit NASCAR online You can always visit and look for special events on the NASCAR's official website. Randomly the site owner is giving away free ticket passes depending on what country you're from.


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