How To Get Recruited to Play College Volleyball

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If you desire to be a part of the college's volleyball varsity team, then you must make yourself popular and in demand.  Obviously, before you can play in community volleyball tournaments, you have to pass the requirements first.  You must have the height, the moves, and you must also have the speed to go after a ball. You should also have the physical endurance to endure the heat. In volleyball, it is inevitable to get hurt or bruised.  But if you think you have what it takes, here are a few tips that can help you get recruited.

  • Assess your style.  Consider the way you spike, dig, and hit the ball.  Recruiters sometimes require videos of prospects playing volleyball.  You can watch international volleyball games and observe how the professional volleyball players do it.  It is just like building on star quality.  When you use strong moves, it can create a lasting impression on the recruiters and coach.
  • Participate in amateur volleyball competitions.  Recruiters are on the lookout for budding varsity members.  Be careful because you are performing a demo.  They will see you in action.  Play your best.  If they like you, you might be approached and invited to be a part of a team.  You can also attend summer camps organized by colleges, where you can network with coaches and other varsity players.  Look for a coach whom you know you will get along with, and ask for tips on how to play well.
  • Assess your skills. Measure your skills as if it were your portfolio.  If you have a personal coach, ask him or her to assess your playing skills from time to time.  Record both your observations, as these will be beneficial when playing for a college tournament.  It's like creating a resume, which in the case of volleyball is a record of skills you have and skills you can improve on.
  • Ask for recommendations. If you have been a good volleyball player in high school, ask for a recommendation letter from your coach or principal. This might have some  bearing on the college varsity team, knowing you've been into team efforts before.
  • Be creative. Make use of various approaches to market your abilities.  Visit online sports sites to gather information on how to improve as an athlete.

In case you do not get recruited at once, do not lose heart.  Instead, capitalize on this as a challenge to practice more so that you can develop the best athlete in you.  Invest time in practicing, but do not forget your studies, too.  Some colleges will not let you play unless you have a good academic standing and records.   Recruiters are also looking for volleyball players who are teachable, disciplined, and diligent.

College volleyball may be your first step towards international tournaments, and perhaps the Olympics!  Don't stop assessing yourself so that you know what things you need to improve on, and what strengths to use as foundations.  It wouldn't also hurt to approach teams and ask if they are willing to give you a chance to play with them, even temporarily. If they see that you have what it takes, then in all likelihood you are soon to be recruited into you dream team.


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