How To Hook a Live Mullet

A mullet is a type of fish that is present in tropical and fresh bodies of water. The mullet has two pairs of dorsal fins unlike other fishes. Fishermen use the mullet as live bait so that they can yield more fishes when they go out fishing. Not only that, they catch bigger fish when they use a live mullet as bait. Hooking the live mullet to the fishing rod’s hook can be a bit daunting if it is the first time that you are going to do it.

Follow these instructions to know how to properly hook a live mullet to your fishing rod:

  • Purchase live mullet. Go to your local fishing store or the dock to see if anyone sells live mullet. It is important that you have fresh mullet as bait so that other fishes will be attracted to it. You can also catch your own mullet but this can be pretty hard to do since they can evade hooks easily.
  • Cut a portion of the tail. Some anglers cut a small portion of the tail or the fin if using live fish as bait. This will lessen the struggle of the mullet underwater but it will also keep it alive. You can cut the upper or lower dorsal fins.
  • Position the live mullet. Get a live mullet and grasp it securely on your hands. Position the mullet on your hand so that the backside of the fish is on the palm of your hand. Be careful when you grip the mullet because their fins are sharp and can easily go through your hand.
  • Hooking the live mullet. Use your free hand to get the hook. Push the sharp end of the hook under the jaw of the fish. Push it in so that the end of the hook comes out through the top portion of the head. The idea is to have the mouth of the live mullet remain closed. Poke the hook only through these areas so that it can live longer while you are fishing. Make sure that the hook is secured on the head of the mullet so that it won’t be able to swim away when you place it in the water.
  • Fish with the live mullet. Now you can go fishing with the live mullet as bait. You will end up with bigger fish than you have ever caught before.

These are the steps that you can follow if you want to use live mullet as bait when fishing. Do not worry about poking the live mullet through the mouth. These are fairly strong fishes and they will not die easily unless you poke them through their spine. You can use both a circle hook and a "j" hook when you use live fishes as bait. To get more tips on how you can go fishing using live bait, visit the website They have videos and links to other websites where you can read about live bait fishing.


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