How To Keep Kiddie Pool Water Clean

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Kiddie pools are smaller versions of the bigger pools. Some kiddie pools can hold up to 700 gallons and may even come equipped with their own small filters. They are often inflatable with soft sides. They come in a variety of sizes and designs. The problem is they come with very mixed directions and little if any customer support. Learning how to keep a kiddie pool's water clean is an important step to ensuring the safe and health of the children who use the kiddie pool.

  1. Scrub your pool clean. It is suggested that you fill the bottom of your pool with warm water of about six inches. Add one half to one cup of bleach to the water. Using protective gloves to wipe the pool clean. Get out any dirt or debris that may be in the pool. When you are done, empty the water in a safe place and let the pool dry out.
  2. Fill your pool with clean water. Starting with a clean pool and clean water is a great way to start out. To keep it clean be sure to place your pool on a tarp. Ensure that children wipe their feet before they enter the pool.
  3. Another good tip is to make sure all kids have adequate bathroom breaks. Accidents happen, especially with younger children. While they may not want to stop playing to take a potty break, adults should make sure that they do.
  4. Find a cover that fits the kiddie pool and use it every day. If you cannot find a cover that fits you can use a tarp. Find a tarp that is larger than the pool. Use something to hold down the edges. Large smooth stones or bricks can be placed at the edges of the tarp to hold it in place. This will help to keep out debris and bird droppings.
  5. Once a week you may want to shock your pool. The chemicals to do this can be purchased at your local department store. Follow the directions carefully. Use a test kit afterwards to show when it is safe to use the pool again.
  6. There are large nets that you can purchase to skim any debris out of the pool such as leaves or dirt that are in the pool. It is worth the investment and will help you to keep your kiddie pool water clean.
  7. With smaller pools that have no filter system it is suggested that you empty the pool once a week and refill it. No matter how vigilant you are it is possible for algae and bacteria to grow. Many places recommend that you empty the pool on a weekly basis. While this may increase your water bill, it will be safer. It is also good to move the pool on a regular basis. The pool will not only kill the grass that it covers, it can also encourage mold growth in the dark wet ground underneath the pool.

Kids love pools. Kiddie pools are ideal for those who do not want the commitment of a full size pool. Regular maintenance on a kiddie pool will help you to keep the kiddie pool water clean and healthy.


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