How To Kick a Kickball

The game kickball was actually a part of baseball practice. Its inventor, Nicholas Seuss, framed the game to teach children how to play baseball. However, with its uniqueness, kickball eventually turn from a playground game to a professional game. Not only children, but even adults learn how to play kickball professionally.

Whether done for a playground practice or in a professional game, kicking the kickball is the single most important skill that every player should have. Practicing how to kick a kickball is essential and the tips below will help you get started with the right techniques:

  • Wait for the perfect timing. There are many chances to kick the ball. Most players’ goal is to kick the ball anytime that they have the chance. This isn’t the wisest move. You should wait for the perfect timing to kick the ball. Kicking the ball while it is bouncing is difficult. Kicking off center pitch is difficult, too. Wait for the bat and take your strike on that.
  • Position your kicking foot for a powerful swing. Lining up to the side that is opposite the kicking leg is usually the trend. So, if you will kick with your left, you should line up to the left, behind the home plate. This position works for most players. But still, find the best position for you. Try different angles, different distances, and different positions. Overtime, you will discover how you can do a powerful kick.
  • Discover the difference of kicking the ball with your toe and instep. Some players can kick the ball farther with their toes but others are better with the insteps. Try both styles and see which one will work for you the best.
  • Kicking high. A powerful kick is always the goal of all players. However, it will not always lead to making points. The ball should be kicked in a direction that others cannot catch it. The lower the kick, the higher the ball can go. Usually, balls kicked below the middle fly too high.
  • Try the grounders. Kicking the ball high is recommended only when opponents are in front, planning to catch the ball. Sometimes, it is easier to kick the ball low and keep on kicking it until you make points. Kicking the ball low and keeping it on the ground is called the grounders. Do this by kicking the ball above its middle using your instep. Toes can usually strike more powerful kick, which is dangerous for the grounder.
  • Manage a bad pitch. No matter how hard you try, you might still do a bad pitch or a situation where the ball bounces high. Use this mistake to your advantage by kicking the bouncing ball above its middle. Kicking the ball at the middle will make it bounce into the ground and will bounce up.

Kickball has no official set of rules. Every league frames its own rules. If playing for a professional league, you better familiarize yourself with the rules. Some of the tips above might not be allowed in your league. Continue practicing because only through practice that you can perfect your kicking skills in Kickball.


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