How To Make a Duck Hunting Boat Blind

Duck hunting boat blinds are mainly used to conceal hunters to have better chances of seizing unaware ducks. It is usually self-made because the best hunting boat blinds are very expensive and rarely seen in the markets today. It is simple and easy to make rather than spend thousands to get one. You can make a durable blind that will fit your boat style and can be used to last several years. Read along and make yourself a personal duck hunting boat blind.

  • Materials in building the duck blind. To make a built-in blind in your boat you will need to prepare the following:  A boat (where the duck hunting blind will be installed), plastic pipes (preferably polyvinyl chloride or PVC because it is durable and does not rust over time that’s why it is commonly used in water systems), T-junctions (two pipes intersected forming a T), pipe couplings or connectors, canvass (maybe mud or grass designed to perfectly conceal your boat), scissors (heavy duty), hacksaw (compatible to the type of pipes you will use and cut), measuring tape, Velcro and sewing materials.
  • Making this blind is quite simple and can be done in one afternoon. Just follow the easy steps below and reward yourself after mounting a duck hunting blind into your boat.
  • Measuring the boat area. Measure the area of the boat where the frame blinds will be placed. Measure the boat as accurate as possible to be able to trim your pipes exactly. The rectangular blind will be wrapped with canvass.
  • Setting up the frame. First step is to set up the frame. To do this, form the frame’s base by connecting two pipes together using T-junctions. From the corners of these two pipes, attach another four pipes approximately angling at ninety degrees each. Use T-junctions also in connecting these four pipes. Get another four pipes and position them vertically. Connect these pipes jointly with two pieces of much smaller tubes. Again, use T-junctions to attach them. You have the option to glue the pipes as structured to stay in place permanently, or you can set it as is to be able to take them apart easily when dismantling.
  • After finishing the frame, attach it to the boat using pipe couplings. These couplings should be affixed to the floor of the boat in the exact place where the corners of the frame blind will be located.
  • Making the canvass covering. Manually sew some Velcro strips onto the edges of the canvas using needle and thread. Do this until all sides of the canvass covering have Velcro strips just enough to hold it to the frame when fastened. Wrap this canvass into the frame and use the Velcro strips to cover it securely.

There you have it. Your very own self made duck hunting boat blind. It is easy and quick to do that you don’t even have to think twice about making one. It is also cheaper to make one instead of buying from the store. This duck hunting boat blind is very useful to hunting enthusiasts like you. Come duck hunting season, you can be sure that this duck hunting boat blind will do its job very well even if you just made it on your own. It is easily removable from the boat that makes it still very useful even if you’re no longer duck hunting. This way you can still use the boat for some other activities that you desire aside from hunting.


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