How To Make a Fancy Hat for the Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is a horse race for 3 year old thoroughbred horses and is held yearly in Louisville, Kentucky. This popular event has been held ever since 1875 and is a social occasion each season where horse racing fans and people from the upper echelon gather to enjoy the races, and are dressed very specially for the event. A distinct feature is the derby day hat that is both glamorous and flamboyant, and which supposedly brings good luck. Women are able to flaunt these pretty hats that are reflections of their distinct personalities and a show of their ranking in society. These hats are quite expensive to purchase, but the good news is that you can actually make them yourself and save a lot of money by doing so. With a few simple instructions, you can create a derby hat that can easily equal the more expensively bought ones. Here’s how to do it.

  • Get some inspiration. Before starting on your fancy derby hat, you may want to check out some samples of great looking hats made for this occasion. Go online and check out all the hats featured. The “Custom made Derby hats” in Google offers a wide variety of choices and you can get some great ideas from there. If you have chosen a few, you may want to print these samples out to serve as your pattern when you begin to make your own hat.
  • Gather your materials. You can purchase a cheap hat to use for a base as making one of your own is a bit more difficult. Derby hats are usually wide brimmed so take that into consideration when you are looking for your base hat. An inexpensive straw hat is ideal for this project. Other supplies you will need can be easily purchased at your local crafting store. This will include, lace, flowers, ribbons, feathers, glitters, and other accessories you may want to add on to your hat. Make sure you have your scissors, glue gun, and glue stick ready as well. If you want to do some sewing, include needle and thread to your set of materials.
  • Create your fancy derby hat. As soon as you have completed your supplies, you may now begin to work on your hat. Keep your patterns in front of you as you work so that you can have something to refer to when designing your hat. The first thing to do is to heat up your glue gun right away as you will be using this a lot while doing your project. Begin by tying up a broad length of ribbon around your hat base. Proceed to tie up the remaining length of ribbon into a huge bow at the back of the hat. Now start attaching your accessories onto it using your glue gun to keep them in place. Be as imaginative as you can be. If your personality is a bit more conservative, keep it simple but elegant. If you have a more daring personality, use a variety of colors from your feathers and flowers. This is all a matter of taste and there are no rules on accessorizing, so get your creative juices going with your derby hat. Once you are completely satisfied with your creation, give it a few hours to allow the glue to dry completely and all the accessories are affixed firmly in place before you try to wear it.

You can proudly show off your unique derby hat and be proud of yourself for making it yourself. Pick the perfect outfit to wear but do not worry too much about how the colors have to match with your new hat. Your hat will be the focal point of the whole getup, which is really what a derby hat is meant to be.


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