How To Make a Layup

A layup is a shot in basketball where the player attempts to shoot the ball in the hoop by making a leap just below the basket and trying to use a hand to lay the ball into the basketball hoop. This is the basic way on how to shoot layup style. There are many variants of layup shots today. If you are learning how to play basketball, the layup is the most basic shot that you can learn.

Here are the steps on how you can make a layup shot:

  1. Find a location to practice. First, you have to find a location where you can practice. Practicing on a court where there is a free throw line is ideal as this is where you will start the shot.
  2. Starting position. While you are standing at the free throw line, dribble with your dominant hand a few times while you concentrate on where you will land the ball. Your ideal target here is the shooting square on the backboard and not the basketball hoop itself.
  3. Doing the layup shot. From your starting position, dribble the ball while you are moving towards the basket. When you are about a few feet from the basket, stop dribbling and take a step with your dominant foot. Take another step with your other foot, stomp back on the ground with your dominant foot and layup the ball with your dominant hand towards the backboard. The goal is to bounce the basketball off the backboard so that it bounces into the basketball hoop.
  4. Some tips. What you can do to gain more strength to shoot is to bring your dominant side’s knee towards your chest as you aim to hit the ball against the baseboard.
  5. Practice makes perfect. Do this a few times until you have mastered the right technique of doing the layup shot. As you practice, you will notice that you will get faster and faster and it will be easier for you to do the shot. Do not worry about getting the ball in the hoop. When you have already mastered the steps to the layup shot, that is the time that you can practice shooting the ball into the hoop. Afterwards, get a partner to block off your shots so that you can practice while having an opponent. After some time, you will find that doing a layup shot is quite easy!

These are the steps on how you can make the basic layup shot. As said earlier, there are a lot of variants that are drawn from the basic layup shot. You can learn them when you have already mastered the basic layup. For information on the other layup variants, you can go to the website Go to the ‘Lay-Up’ tab. There you will learn the other variants of the layup shot, such as the finger roll, up and under, tear drop, three pointers and reverse layup. You can also learn about the set shot, hook shot and some shooting drills that will make you a better basketball player.


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