How To Make a Recurve Bow

Archery was used for combat and hunting in early times. Today, archery is a hobby and sport to many. You need to have control and accuracy to hit the bull’s eye. The bow and arrow are your best buddies for this sport. There is also protective gear that you need to wear in archery. A bracer or arm-guard is used to protect the arm holding the bow. Some archers also wear plastrons or chest guards. If you’re into archery, you can also make your own bow. There are different types of bow that you can make like curve bow, recurve bow, straight bow, reflex bow, deflex bow and decurve bow. You can try making a recurve bow. The tips of a recurve bow are curved away from the archer. Recurve bow differs from other bows because the string touches part of the bow’s limb when strung. The recurve bow will give you a more powerful shot.

Here are the steps on how to make recurve bow.

  • Get the materials that you will use in making a recurve bow. These include stove, hand saw, smoother, heavy duty clamps, mill file, pot, coarse wood rasp, pencil and 2 boards. One board should be 2x4 foot and the other one should be 3 inches wide and 5 ½ feet in height.
  • Using your pencil, draw a line in the center of the longer board. From the center line, measure 3 inches going to the right and 3 inches going to the left. This will serve as the handle or grip of your recurve bow. If you have bigger hands, adjust the measurements so your hands will fit the handle.
  • Reshape the wood using a coarse rasp to define the handle of your bow. Use the mill file to make the grip 5/8 inch thick and the stave 3/8 inch thick. File the bow’s width to ½ inch at the stave and 2 ½ inch at the grip. Smooth and make the stave even by using a small hand file. File the handle as well so that your hand will fit.
  • Cut a curve using the smaller board. This will serve as the curve of your bow. Boil a large pot of water and immerse one end of the bow in the boiling water. At least 10 inches of the limb should be immersed. Let it stay there for 3 hours then remove it from the water. Clamp the immersed limb on the board you curved. Repeat the steps for the other bow’s limb.
  • Cut notches on both ends of the bow. These should be 2 inches from the tip to hold the bow’s string in place.

You can now use the recurve bow that you made in your practice or any competition that you will be joining. Some of the competitions for archery are target archery, field archery, 3D archery, clout archery, crossbow archery, flight archery and ski archery. There are also international competitions for archery such as Olympic Games and Asian Games. By developing your archery skills, you can be as good as Robin Hood or The Green Arrow.


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