How To Make a Shortbow

The wild promises a number of adventures. One of them is hunting. And if you wish to make your hunting experience truly rewarding, strive to have a simple weapon to use. A simple weapon can allow you to aim better. And if you don’t have any idea what simple weapon to use, a short bow is highly recommended. It has been a great hunting weapon for ages now. And here’s good news. You can make your own short bow. Here are the things that you have to heed:

  • Prepare your materials. Source a good stick. Its diameter should be at least ½” while its length, about 3'. Then, find a sharp carving or utility knife, a measuring tape, and a bowstring cord.
  • Inspect your stick. Aside from being sturdy wood, your stick should not have any limb or knot. The presence of a limb or a knot can weaken your bow’s efficiency. If you want to be sure about your piece, get something that is quite bigger in diameter and also a bit longer.
  • Shape your bow. Put your stick on the ground. Let it lay flat. Afterward, step firmly on one of its ends. Then, grab the other end and continue by bending it. You have to do it gently. Calculate how far you should bend the stick. Your limit should not exceed 2”. The bending gives you two sides to note: the inner curve and the outer curve.

    While keeping your stick bent, make a quick calculation or estimate. Your goal is to determine your bow’s center – its gripping point. Once you have done that, give your hand a room so it can shave and move in the inside curve of your bow. Use your knife with caution. Work below and above in order to properly shape your bow. Keep the center really thick, while assuring a gradual and faint arch. As much as possible, maintain the width of you bow while you are shaving it with your handy knife.

  • Strengthen your central gripping point. You can readily do that by wrapping the part. You can bind it with a duct tape, a twine, or a leather. The wrapping is going to fashion a great hand traction for you, particularly when you aim.
  • Choose your bowstring. Any stuff that you can twist very tightly is perfect. In fact, you have a lot of options. You can have a rawhide, a hemp, nylon, linen, or even silk. Once you have decided, cut it according to the specifications. It is should be 4” shorter compared with the actual span of your bow.

    Before you attach your bowstring, mark 1” from the top part as well as the bottom part of your bow. With your knife, carve out some tiny notches. Keep the notches on the sides. They should also be deep enough in order to prevent your bowstring from slipping.

    Your short bow is done after you have tied a knot (single-loop) both at the top and the bottom of your bowstring. Stretch your bowstring well by keeping the loop strictly inside your other notches.

Test your short bow by aiming on a target.


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