How To Make a Trade in a Yahoo! Fantasy League

Yahoo! Fantasy League players act as team owners in that they build a team based on real players of a professional sport. Your roster of players in Yahoo! Fantasy League is not acquired only through drafts but also through trades with other Fantasy Team Owners. Read on to learn how to make a trade in Yahoo! Fantasy League.

  1. Assess your team's status. Before you make a trade in Yahoo! Fantasy League, you need to assess your team's status. Know the strengths and weaknesses of each of your players, what position you need a replacement for, which position has extra players that you can trade for and which players are injured.
  2. Research the current season's hottest players. If after your team assessment you found out that you do have an excess of players or that you have some injured players, it is only natural that you want to trade them with the best players out there right? So before accepting or proposing a trade, make sure that you have made your assignment to find out if a trade, and the players that you will drop and accept in exchange, will benefit your whole team.
  3. Find a team to trade your players with. To find a team to trade your players with, log in first to your Yahoo! Fantasy League account. Once you are logged in, view other teams and look for players you want to trade with. This is where the research you have done earlier in Step 2 comes in handy. You want to select promising players to add to your roster.
  4. Propose a trade with the other team. When you are done looking around other team's roster and once you are ready to propose the trade, go back to your league's main page and then click on the link for 'Propose Trade'. Find the team you want to trade players with. Choose the players you want by placing a check mark on the check box beside their names. After selecting all of the players  you want from the other team, click 'Continue'. This time you have to put a check mark beside the names of your own players that you will be dropping off for the trade, then click 'Continue' once you are done. The next page will show a summary of the trade details so you can verify if you have selected the correct players. After verifying that everything is in place, click on the link for 'Propose Trade'.

The trade you have just proposed will be subject for approval by the other Yahoo! Fantasy League owner. If the other team owner agrees to the trade, the league will still review it to make sure that the trade is fair to all members of the league. If it gets approved, well and good, but if it gets denied, then find your self another team to trade with.


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