How To Make an Improvised Gun Silencer

A gun silencer suppresses the sound that comes out when you shoot a gun. The mechanism slows down the bullet, too. You can make your own improvised gun silencer but you should know that you must have all the necessary licenses and paperwork that you need. You can make your own improvised gun silencer if you have all the materials and tools that you need.

Follow these instructions to know how you can make an improvised gun silencer:

  • Materials. The materials that you need for making an improvised gun silencer are 300 psi plastic PVC pipe, plastic discs, rubber cylinder, 2 steel plugs, dispersement rod with positioning rings, stabilizer doughnuts, aluminum screws, aluminum screening, drill and bits, wooden doughnuts separator discs and an adapter for connecting the silencer to the firearm.
  • Prepare the dispersement rod. The first thing that you should do is to prepare the dispersement rod so that it can fit the gun that you have. Get your drill and drill a hole on each side of the rod. The holes that you drill should be as big as the bullet of your gun. You should also make sure that the rod that you have has a hole that can accommodate the size of the bullets of your gun since it will pass through. Get 2 wooden doughnuts and glue one on each end of the rod.
  • Wrap the dispersement rod. Get the aluminum screening and wrap it around the dispersement rod. Afterwards, place the rod inside the rubber cylinder. When you do this, see to it that the cylinder is slightly longer that your dispersement rod.
  • Working with the adapter. The next step is to work with your adapter so that you can attach the gun silencer to the gun. Get a steel washer and attach it to the cylinder behind the rod. Get the adapter that you have and place it into the tube. Insert the stabilizer doughnuts too. Afterwards, drill some holes on the sides of the rubber so that you can secure the components in place with some screws.
  • Use the PVC pipe. The next step is to place the component that you made into the PVC pipe. Cut the PVC pipe to size first. The ideal length should be twice the measurement of the tube that you will be inserting.
  • Fill the PVC pipe. Now you can fill the PVC pipe’s length with some wooden and rubber washers. These will absorb the impact from the bullet and can repress the sound coming from the gun. The end of the PVC pipe should have a steel washer.

These are the simple instructions that you can follow if you want to make your own silencer. The instructions are really easy to follow but you must make sure that the components are all secured together or else the bullet can easily ruin your silencer when it passes through. Check the quality of the silencer after shooting a few hundred bullets since the components inside will degrade with continued use.


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