How To Make Super Bowl Party Invitations

For football fans, the Super Bowl is a much awaited event. This means super bowl parties and gatherings in homes or sports bars. Friends and family come together to watch the exciting event. If you are planning a super bowl get together in your home, you need to prepare lots of food and drinks that will keep your guest full. You also have to prepare the super bowl invitations.

Here are the steps in making Super Bowl invitations.

  • Materials that you need. The materials that you need for the invitations are your computer, printer, envelopes, invitation cards, football rubber stamps, ink pad and postal stamps. You can purchase some football rubber stamps on the websites Stamps By Impression and 1 Stop Square. Determine the theme that you want for your invitations.
  • Type out the party invitations. Open a blank document on your computer and start to prepare the invitations. The information that you need to include on the invitations are the address of the party and the time. You should also provide your contact information for the RSVP so that you know how much food and drinks you should prepare. Use a sports font so that you can stick with the super bowl theme of the party. You can download sports font from the website Font Space.
  • Print out the invitations. Double check the information that you have typed before printing. Print the invitations out on your invitation cards. Make sure that the text is properly aligned and the invitation cards are on the right position on your printer. You can test a page first using scrap paper just to make sure.
  • Decorate the invitations. Now you can decorate the invitations. Use the football rubber stamps that you have. Add footballs as a border or you can also use a big football stamp on the side of the invitation. Be as creative as you can when decorating the invitations. Just make sure that the text can still be seen clearly.
  • Place the invitations inside the envelope. Place the invitations in the envelope once you are done decorating. Seal the envelope and then add the addresses and names of the guests you will invite. Add the postal stamp at the corner and send off the invitations.

Now you know how to make super bowl party invitations. The steps are really easy. Make sure that you send out the invitations a few weeks or months in advance, so that you have time to prepare for your party. You have to stock up on plenty of food and drinks so that your guests can enjoy the party. Research some recipes that are easy to make and that stick to the super bowl theme of your party. You can view a list or dishes that you can prepare for your super bowl party by going to the website Super Bowl Party Recipes. Another website that you can go to in order to get information on super bowl party planning is Celebrations - Super Bowl Parties.


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