How To Make Your Own Cricket Bat

Cricket is a game just like baseball, but it has different rules. The game was first discovered in southern England around the 16th century. It is a game that uses a bat and a ball, with eleven players on each team. The game is played on a field, with the other team batting as many runs to attain a higher score while the other team fields the game trying to terminate the batting team.

Here are some of the basic steps to create your own cricket bat at home:

  1. Know your wood. Willow is a kind of timber that is specifically grown for bat making. This kind of timber is grown in large plantations on wet, moist lands, and on temperate regions. This plant belongs to a large industry, willows are cultivated and tended by specialist to make sure that it will be in good quality for bat making manufacturing and also to ensure its species are very well protected against extinction.
  2. Choose mature trees. In making cricket bats, it would be best for you to get your timber from willow specialist since this is the preferred wood that is being used in cricket bats. Select willow trees that are mature enough, trees that range from 15 to 30 years of age. These kind of wood are sawn, waxed and dried so that there is no moisture left in the wood before they can be manufactured into bulks for cricket bat making. The most important thing that you should make sure is that your wood should be dried well. Any moisture left in this bulk would only result to cracks or breakage.
  3. Shaping the cleft into a blade shape. Draw the shape of your blade onto your cleft before actually cutting it and shaping it and sizing it into a blade. Make sure that the shape of your cleft is properly done to ensure the quality and stability of your blade before it is to be pressed.
  4. Once the blades are ready for pressing. Press the blades at 2,000lb per square inch up to 4 times. This procedure is a very delicate process. If your blades are over pressed they might become unstable and not suitable anymore for playing. Pressing the blades of the willow is essential part of the procedure so that it can withstand the impact it gets when it collides with a cricket ball.
  5. Uniting the blade and the handle. Using wood glue or bostic glue, you can secure the handle and the blade. Make sure to connect the handle slightly forward of the blade to ensure it to have a perfect fit once the bat is made. Make sure you also tighten them using a rope and wedges. Then leave them to dry overnight.
  6. Shaping and sanding. Shaping of the hand can be done by using a draw-knife. Once it is done, it will then be smoothed out using wooden planes. Then the shoulders and the toes follow. After these procedures it is then blended with a spoke shave. Sanding the cricket bat will then follow, this step is also crucial since you will have to make subjective estimate on how much you fine sand the cricket bat. After this you can now use your cricket bat. You can also put some designs on your handle. You can bind your handle with a twine or some stickers to make it look unique.

Making cricket bats is easy and fun. With these easy steps you can make your own cricket bat. You don’t have to spend a lot of cash ordering or buying from stores since cricket bats are expensive to buy.


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