How To Measure a Hockey Stick

Hockey sticks typically weigh between one to two pounds and vary from 26-inches to 36-inches in length. Correct length, weight and make of the stick greatly improve a player's handling of the stick, and passing and shooting the puck. Professional hockey players have their hockey sticks custom-made. Unfortunately, we amateurs may not have the resources, so we have to make do with some tried and tested ways of measuring a hockey stick that will serve us well in our games.

  1. Assess the stick's length against play strategy.  One's style of play and position on the team greatly determine your hockey stick's length. Players who tend to play upright more often will need longer sticks. Meanwhile, players who plow the court bent over or hunched prefer shorter sticks. During a face off where two players will attempt to gain control of the puck dropped on the ice, a much shorter and lighter hockey stick may be needed. Goal tenders may prefer longer sticks as with the case for defensemen. This is so they have a much longer reach and can guard against a flying puck much more effectively.
  2. Mark the hockey stick. When determining the hockey stick's length, it would be best to measure it with the skates on. Stand straight, putting the stick in between your feet. The stick should come up to the nose of the player. Most players usually need to shorten rather than lengthen their sticks, as shorter ones are best for puck handling.
  3. Cut the hockey stick.  Cut the marked portion of the hockey stick. This can easily be done with a sharp hacksaw. If you do not have this, it would be best to enlist a carpenter's help. You can also turn to some hardware stores that sell lumber. They will be glad to cut the stick for you for a minimal fee.
  4. Smooth out the cut portion.  Use sandpaper to do this. Meanwhile, some hockey enthusiasts prefer to tape the end of their hockey sticks. Others will probably want to put a butt end and tape it on the stick for much better grip.

Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules in choosing hockey sticks. In the end, it will all boil down to how comfortable you are with the weight and length of your hockey stick. Most school hockey clubs will provide their members with sticks, so trying those out will greatly assist you in judging the correct length hockey stick most suitable for you.


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