How To Pick Super Bowl Party Drinks

The Super Bowl is more than a sporting event, but an opportunity for friends to get together and enjoy themselves. Because of this, people frequently throw parties during Super Bowl events. Now that you have the game and the friends, the next step is to determine the drinks that will cap off the party. Here’s how.

  1. Beer. One of the basics of a Super Bowl party is beer. One of the great favorites, beer has a low alcohol content which allows you to enjoy plenty of the drink before getting any feelings of intoxication. Because of this, you really will be able to watch the game while nursing a cold bottle. When getting beer, make sure that you chill them well, since beer tastes best when ice cold. If you know of friends with special beer preferences, add a pack or two of their brand of beer.
  2. Hard liquor. Hard liquor is usually reserved for the later parts of the Super Bowl party. One of the advantages of hard liquor is that you will not need much of it in order to get people drunk. This, however, is also one of the major disadvantages with hard liquor. If you will serve this, make sure that you yourself will be sober enough to help out people who drink in too much of the liquor, and that you will be able to get cabs for all members of the party.
  3. Mixes. There are plenty of mixes that you can add to drinks to make them tastier and more appealing. Mixes are also great for making hard liquor less intoxicating. Depending on your budget, you can simply add in orange juice to vodka or gin to create a simple and very basic drink. If you have more money to spare on the party, however, you should go for dedicated mixes that are more expensive, but which provide a better taste. There are also alcohol products that are already pre-mixed. These are a bit more expensive, but will save you from the trouble of preparing the mixes and the drinks beforehand.
  4. Non-alcoholic drinks. Always make sure that you also serve several non-alcoholic drinks in the party. Even if everyone drinks, people will usually want something to chase down the alcohol especially after a couple of rounds. You can prepare some juice drink that you can keep chilled in the refrigerator. Just be sure to inform your guests that the drink is available, and that they can help themselves to a glass or two in the fridge whenever they like.
  5. Finger foods. Finally, add in a couple of finger foods so that you will have something to chew on while drinking and watching the Super Bowl. The basic finger foods are nuts, which are great with beer. You can, however, also have chicken nuggets, fries, or other simple fried foods. If you do not want to cook, simply get a bag of chips and serve it on a plate with some nacho dressing.

With the right drinks, enjoying the Super Bowl and having fun with friends is guaranteed. With these in mind, choosing the right drinks will be easy.


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