How To Run or Jog on a Sunny and Hot Day

Running/Jogging is a great exercise for losing weight and conditioning your body. Although, if you practice on a hot or sunny day, you'd better take some care, otherwise it can be very harmful. It doesn't matter if you are competing or just strolling, following this advice will help you get the benefits of the sport whilst greatly reducing the damage to your body.

  1. Drink a lot. You can lose up to 200-400 ml of water and significant quantities of sodium, potassium and chloride for every 20 minutes that you're running. Thus, re-hydration is very important. Drink about the same quantity that you are losing, or at least 500 ml per hour, during the exercise. You can do this by drinking isotonic drinks like Gatorade.

    If you are thirsty it is because your sodium and water levels are already low, so don't wait until you're thirsty to drink. Also, 1.5-2 hours before you start the exercise you should drink 250-500 ml of water. This allows the water time to reach your cells and hydrate them. Finally, you should ingest the weight you lose during the run after it is over. You can do this by drinking water and eating fruits or other foods.

  2. Run in the shade as much as possible. Although the sun stimulates the production of vitamin D in your skin, after 15 minutes of exposure it starts to aggravate the skin. UVA and UVB radiation will burn your skin and eyes and start to mutate your cells if you do nothing about. So put on waterproof or sweat-proof sunblock, sun glasses that filter UV rays and a cap (to block as much sun from your face as possible).
  3. Stop as soon as you feel ill. If you feel any of these symptoms you should immediately stop the exercise: dizziness, nausea, dry skin or shivering. Drink something and sprinkle water on your skin. If you don't get better, search for help.
  4. Wear light clothes. It's better to wear light colored clothes. They reflect the sun's rays better, so you won't get be as hot as you would in darker clothing. Also, use light weight shorts and t-shirts or tank tops, preferably Dry-Fit. They absorb and eliminate the sweat, so you don't get soaked. Lastly, you should use running shoes rather than tennis shoes.

After all this caution you can enjoy your running or jogging at last.


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