How To Understand a Cricket Score

There are many ways to score in cricket. Cricket is played very much like baseball. There are a total of eleven players on each team. They use a cricket ball and cricket bat to bat in innings and to score runs. The scoring system, however, is a little more complicated than the game. However, with a few guidelines, you can understand cricket scores.

Here are some guidelines to understand a cricket score:

  1. What are wickets? A wicket is a term you should know before understanding cricket scores. There are many things which can be referred to as a wicket. A set of stumps which support a set of bails is referred to as a wicket. This is where the term wicket is usually used. A batsman being dismissed (especially by a bowler) also calls for the term wicket. In this case, the batsman has lost his wicket, which has been taken by the bowler. This particular use of the terminology is the most important to understanding cricket scores, because to score in a cricket game, the number of runs and lost wickets are taken note of.
  2. The most important part of scoring in cricket is the number of runs the team makes. This is the most basic way to score in cricket. To make a run, the two batsmen should run to both ends of the pitch without getting dismissed. This is done after the ball is hit by the striker. The batsmen have the option to run towards the end of the pitch more than once to score more points. In addition, the batsmen must carry the bats they have used as they run to the ends of the pitch. It is used to touch the ground to signify that they have reached the endpoint. Penalty runs can be rewarded. They are also considered as runs, and can be used to score points. Penalty runs can be rewarded to both the batting team and the fielding side. Hitting the ball outside the boundary can also merit points. The scores are credited to each of the batmen individually and not as a team.
  3. There are many things to consider at the end of the game. Innings are also considered to win. Winning will also depend on the type of cricket played. In first class cricket which has two innings, the winning team must first dismiss the opposing team twice and score the most runs. If a team fails to dismiss the opposing team twice, the game will be declared as a draw. However, in limited over matches which have only one inning, the team with the more runs win. In this type, the number of wickets lost does not matter.

Cricket is a very fun and rewarding game. However, for beginners, understanding cricket games can be very challenging. Firstly, you should understand the inner workings of the cricket. The rules of cricket are very specific, and there are many terminologies to learn. Follow these basic guidelines and you will have no trouble understanding cricket scores.


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