How To Watch the Super Bowl Online

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With the biggest 2020 football event of the year coming up, fans are getting excited to watch the big game. If you're not sure what channel it will be on or if you'll have access, it's good to prepare ahead of time in case you need to purchase access.

Knowing how to watch the Super Bowl can be especially important if you're hosting a party with lots of people, at home or at a large organization. The success of the event depends on being able to show the game on the big screen for all the guests anticipating the main event.

Here are some tips for getting the game to come in and where to tune in.

Live on TV

This year, Super Bowl LIV happens on February 2nd, a Sunday evening, at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time. J-Lo and Shakira are set as the half-time performers, one of the most anticipated segments of the evening, and there won't be as many commercial breaks. Fox, the broadcasting network this year, announced in November they'd offer fewer breaks but make each segment longer to accommodate an extra commercial.

While last year's conference champions (the Patriots and the Rams) are likely to be contenders for the coveted slots, it's possible we'll see the Baltimore Ravens competing. The San Francisco 49ers are also looking good this year, but we'll have to wait and see who makes it to the final. Whoever it is, you'll be able to watch them go head-to-head on your regular Fox antenna channel, local to your area.

How to Watch the Super Bowl Online

If you're in another country or don't have access to a TV, watching on your phone or computer is the next best thing. You can stream it live, which also includes the ability to fast forward and rewind. While Super Bowl commercials are half the reason non-fans attend the parties and get excited to join the football fans, some just don't care.

If Budweiser horses and the newest Coca-Cola schtick isn't something you look forward to, you can skip the commercials when you watch it from a live streaming service. Some people are more excited about the betting opportunities with places like where you can make wagers all throughout the action. It starts early, with opportunities to choose which team will even make it to the big game.

Most streaming options offer a free trial, so places like Hulu or YouTube TV (which carry Fox) would be great options. You'd have to use a VPN if you're overseas anywhere to access the footage on Fox's website. The Super Bowl won't show as an option if you have an IP address with a foreign server location.

Some sports apps also have the Super Bowl for free as a live stream option, like Yahoo! Sports. 

Tune In from Anywhere

Now that you know how to watch the Super Bowl, you can set your mind at ease. No matter your priorities or your location, you have options. When February hits, you'll be ready for the big game.

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