Kentucky Derby 2020: How To Bet the Kentucky Derby

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The Kentucky Derby is one of the country's most exciting sporting events. The event is a spectacle and enjoyed by thousands each year. If you have never been before or are a seasoned fan, you will not want to miss the 146th Kentucky Derby.

The Kentucky Derby is a great event to watch. It is also a great event to bet on. If you want to make serious money you should keep reading to learn how to bet the Kentucky Derby.

How To Bet The Kentucky Derby: The Bets

The Kentucky Derby is a historical event that has made people rich. If you follow our advice, you could be next on this list. Follow these easy steps to succeed at betting at the next Kentucky Derby. 

Firstly, you need to know about the types of bets that are available:

Straight Wager

This is when you only bet on one horse. Within this wager, there are three main types of bets.

If you bet to WIN, you only collect winnings if your horse wins in First Place. 

If you bet to place, then you collect winnings if your horse is in First or Second place. The earnings are less than the WIN bet, but you, of course, have a greater chance of collecting winnings.

Finally, if you bet to show, you are betting on your horse to come in the top 3. Again, this has lower earnings but a higher chance of earning overall.

Exotic Wager

This allows you to place bets on multiple horses.

With the Exacta method, you are choosing two specific horses to come first and second in a specific arrangement. These are chosen by skilled betters and are often the most lucrative payouts.

The Quinella method allows you to bet on two specific horses to come first and second in any arrangement. Naturally, it is less lucrative.

Trifecta is for betting on three horses finishing in the top 3 in a specific order. Superfecta is for betting on four horses finishing in the top 4 in a specific order.

How To Bet The Kentucky Derby: The Horse

So how do you know which horse to choose? 

The only way to do this is to study past performances. You can use Equibase's interactive guide to understand how to study the past performance of a horse. You can see how many times they have won - whether first, second, or third. You can see how many wagers have been made on this horse.

Use this to determine how you want to bet. If a horse has consistently come in first, you may want to go for a Straight Wager and use the WIN method. If the horse has mostly come in second and you find another horse come mostly in first, you may wish to opt for the Quinella method and place an Exotica Wager.

And to place a bet, you can log on to bet on Kentucky Derby online.

Down at The Derby

Now that you know how to bet the Kentucky Derby, we hope to see you down at the derby! Make sure to study the horses beforehand and then place your wagers.

And if you want to know more about how to do things, check out our other articles!


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