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  • How To Fish with a Squid Jig

    The squid jig is your essential tool when you head out angling for squid, but it's a very different bit of fishing tackle to use.
  • How To Design a Ropes Course

    Ropes courses have become mainstays of team building efforts, and you can make use of a multitude of ropes course designs.
  • How To Make a Canvas Goose Decoy

    Do you hunt geese? Find instructions for creating and painting your own waterfowl decoys for hunting. Here’s how to make a canvas goose decoy.
  • How To Make a Bottle Cap Fishing Lure

    Need help catching fish? Get tips on creating a lure out of a bottle cap sure to reel them in. Here's how to make a bottle cap fishing lure.
  • How To Find Affordable Cheerleading Uniforms

    If you and your team mates are on a tight budget, here are a few helpful tips on how to find affordable cheerleading uniforms.
  • How To Choose Boat Dock Lighting

    Here are some tips on how to choose boat dock lighting on the basis of practicality, durability, weathering and safety.
  • How To Buy a Toboggan

    Need help buying toboggans for the winter? Find the perfect toboggan to ride in the snow with. Here's how to buy a toboggan.
  • How To Choose an Ice Axe

    If you go ice climbing or hiking on icy slopes, the right ice axe can be the difference between life and death, not to mention a real convenience.
  • How To Buy Remington Rifle Parts

    If you have a classic Remington rifle you want to restore, finding parts for it can be a challenge. But you can find what you want by following these leads.
  • How To Buy a Sled

    Sledding has always been the perfect family winter activity. You will need a sturdy sled. Follow these steps on how to buy a sled.
  • How To Camp Off-Site for Coachella

    If you want to attend the Coachella Valley Arts and Music festival, but you want some sleep and a little less chaos, you can camp offsite for the Coachella festival.
  • How To Build a Clay Pigeon Thrower

    Build your own clay pigeon thrower for an inexpensive way to set up your own moving target practice to develop your shooting and gun skills.
  • How To Buy Snow BMX Racing Equipment

    If you're into extreme sports and you live where winters are cold, you might like to take up snow BMX racing. You'll need equipment particular to that season. Read on.
  • How To Buy Mountain Climbing Boots

    The price you pay for a mountain climbing boots is worth it in terms of endurance and performance. Learn how to buy mountain climbing boots.
  • How To Buy a Clay Pigeon Thrower

    If you want to practice your shooting, you need a clay pigeon thrower. Fortunately, you buy a number of clay pigeon thrower designs from the simple to complicated.
  • How To Build a Gun Carrying Case

    Firearms should always be safely stowed away in a gun case when not in use or when getting lugged around. Here's how to build a gun carrying case.
  • How To Clean Deer Antlers

    Have you proudly displayed your mounted deer antlers for so long that they need to be cleaned? Learn tips to clean deer antlers.
  • How To Clean a .45 Gun

    Be a responsible gun owner and learn how to clean and care for your .45 gun for the best look and performance of your .45 revolver.
  • How To Adjust a Rifle Scope

    A rifle scope can improve the accuracy of your aim, whether you are hunting or just at target practice. You will want to adjust the scope each time you use your rifle....
  • How To Hike a Famous Trail

    Become a well-storied hiker by planning a backpacking trip to hike a famous trail like the AT, the Pacific Crest Trail, the Alps, or New Zealand's Milford Track.
  • How To Hook Bait for Deep Sea Fishing

    Baiting is one of the most important skills that you need to learn, if you want to be a successful fisher. Here's how to hook bait for deep sea fishing.
  • How To Use a Conibear

    Trapping animals for their fur or just to learn more about them is easy with a Conibear trap. Be careful you don't catch yourself -- the trap needs care to set up.
  • How To Take Your Cat Camping

    Want your cat to go camping with you? Get cat care tips to learn about camping with a cat. Here's how to take your cat camping.
  • How To Telemark Ski in Wet Powder

    Cross-country skiing is a great sport. Telemark skiing on cross-country skis is a challenge you can master, but it's a different trick when the snow is wet. Here's how...
  • How To Build a Beginner's Backyard Snowboard Kicker

    Love snowboarding, but don't have enough practice time in the winter? Learn how to build a beginner's snowboard kicker in the backyard.
  • How To Tie Spinner Bait on Fishing Line

    A spinner bait is a fishing lure with lots of uses for the fisherman. The versatile lure can be used in deep and shallow water and will attract fish over a wide area.
  • How To Find a Church Camp

    A church camp or retreat can enhance Christian education, confirmation and many aspects of the religion. Here's how to find a church camp.
  • How To Select an Emergency Weather Radio for Camping

    An emergency weather radio can save your life during a camping trip. Read how to select the best radio equipment, including NOAA recommendations.
  • How To Find Custom Snowboard Stickers

    If you are a serious snowboarder, you want to find the right custom snowboard stickers to make your own board one of a kind on the mountain and parks.
  • How To Enjoy a No-Fuss Tailgate Party

    Here are all the tips on how to enjoy a no-fuss tailgate party. Learn how to do it with just the right amount of planning then have fun!
  • How To Make a Plastic Toboggan Go Dangerously Fast

    In order to make your plastic toboggan go faster you need to pay special attention to its bottom surface.
  • How To Plan your Own Summer Camp

    Enrolling your children in a summer camp can put a dent in your wallet. Instead of paying others to host the summer camp, why not create your own?
  • How To Create a NASCAR Fantasy League

    Having a fantasy NASCAR team provides you the experience of managing your own NASCAR team. With so many users online, fantasy NASCAR is a great past time.
  • How To Parallel Turn on Telemark Skis

    Doing a parallel turn on Telemark skis will involve some skill in distributing one’s weight towards different parts of the feet, and therefore different points on...
  • How To Clean a .22 Rifle

    Regularly cleaning a .22 rifle will ensure that the gun functions well and will prevent the gun from jamming and reduce the inaccuracy of the gun.
  • How To Choose Bobbers for Trout Fishing

    To choose the right bobbers for trout fishing, consider your bait size, hook size, the depth at which the fish usually hang out, and the visibility of your bobber.
  • How To Buy an Igloo Kit

    An igloo kit is a camping tool that is best used in snowshoeing, skiing and snow camping during the winter season.
  • How To Choose a Place to Go Camping

    One of the most important things that you will need to plan for in a camping trip is the place where you will camp. Here’s how you can select a good location.
  • How To Carry a Shotgun

    Whichever way you choose to handle your shotgun, always make safety the priority. Here are several popular ways to carry a shotgun.
  • How To Catch Night Crawlers

    You will definitely save money catching your own night crawlers rather than buying them from the store.
  • How To Choose Camping and Hiking Sites

    This article will provide you with pointers on some of the considerations that you need to make as you plan for your camping and hiking outings.
  • How To Buy the Best Insect Repellent

    Going outdoors, you expose yourself to insects such as mosquitoes, ticks, and biting flies. Here are things to consider when buying insect repellent for outdoor use.
  • How To Successfully Canter on Horseback

    Learning to canter on horseback is a very important skill. Follow these useful tips below to practice cantering and become an experienced rider.
  • How To Book Fly Fishing Trips for Trout

    Some companies have made it their business to take trout fishing enthusiasts to the great fishing areas. Here’s how you book your fly fishing trips.
  • How To Buy a Fly-Fishing Accessories Kit

    Fly-fishing is a fun and relaxing activity that you can enjoy in solitude or with friends and family. It becomes much more fun and convenient if you have the right...
  • How To Camp in Autumn Weather

    There are still ways to enjoy a little Autumn camping with your friends. You just have to make some adjustments and changes to what you're used to doing.
  • How To Calibrate a Paintball Gun

    Follow the steps below on how to calibrate your paintball gun so you can get ready to play.
  • How To Buy a Soap Box Racing Model Kit

    The specifications of Soap Box Racing Model Kits for your consideration are size, dimension, the material that it’s made from, and the accessories to jazz it up.
  • How To Buy Gun Cases

    There are a few things that you should know before you go down to the gun store and purchase a gun case.
  • How To Buy a Backpacking Sleeping Bag

    The sleeping bag is one of the bulkiest backpacking and camping items, so it is important to choose the one that is more compact and lightweight.