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  • How To Compare Types of Airsoft Guns

    Airsoft is a popular game similar to paintball, where plastic or biodegradable bullets are used. Here's how to compare different types of guns.
  • How To Become a Jockey

    There are certain things to keep in mind when becoming a jockey. Here are some tips to help you become a jockey.
  • How To Navigate Using the Terrain

    For any hiker, it's important to know how to navigate using the terrain. This may sound simple, but it takes time to learn - just like any skill.
  • How To Become a Driver for F1 Race Cars

    This article discusses the basics of becoming not only an ordinary car racer but also the basics of becoming a Formula 1 (F1) car racer.
  • How To Get Back on Skis After Falling

    No matter how good you are at skiing, there will be falls. Knowing the correct way to get back on skis after falling will keep you safe and help prevent injury.
  • How To Survive an Encounter With a Mountain Lion

    If you encounter a cougar while camping, the right actions may save your life. Educate yourself on surviving an encounter with a mountain lion.
  • How To Avoid Getting Blisters While Hiking

    Blisters do not have to be a normal part of hiking if you take a few precautions. These tips will help you avoid getting blisters while hiking.
  • How To Eat for Skiing

    You need to focus your diet, to ensure you perform your very best on the slopes. What you eat for skiing can affect not only your performance, but your endurance too.
  • How To Ride Horseback

    While it is important to take lessons to become efficient in riding, an afternoon of taking trails can be accomplished by reviewing the tips below on how to ride...
  • How To Stay Warm in Your Sleeping Bag

    When camping, you'll want to make sure you can keep warm at night. Here are some pointers for staying warm inside a sleeping bag on a cold night.
  • How To Clean Dishes in the Wilderness

    Maintaining clean pots and pans in the wilderness can be important for your survival. Learn tips for keeping your dishes clean in the wilderness.
  • How To Find NASCAR Merchandise

    There are lots of ways to find your favorite NASCAR merchandise. This articles suggests a number of methods and websites to check out.
  • How To Find Ski Cams

    Viewing ski cams is important if you really want to make the most out of that ski vacation trip. Learn how to find ski cams for your favorite resorts.
  • How To Tie Fishing Knots

    Learn how to tie fishing knots with our specific instructions on the blood knot, clinch knot, palomar knot, and uni knot.
  • How To Use Rifle Scopes

    To know how to use a rifle scope properly, begin by buying the right scope through understanding the lighting, distance and target.
  • How To Prepare for Ice Climbing

    Ice climbing is fast becoming a popular alternative for rock climbers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. This relatively new sport takes preparation, both mental and...
  • How To Understand Ghost Hunting

    Interest in ghosts continues to increase. For curiosity’s sake, here's how to enter the world of paranormal investigation.
  • How To Plan an Alaska Fishing Vacation

    Plan an Alaskan fishing vacation by being aware of the seasons in which you are most likely to catch your targeted fish; for example, July and August are noted for...
  • How To Choose Hunting Rifles

    Bolt action rifles are the hunting rifles of choice for hunters of all types of game. Read on to learn how to choose a good hunting rifle.
  • How To Go Coyote Hunting

    In order to go coyote hunting, there are a few basic steps you need to take, including safety measures.
  • How To Find the Nascar Schedule

    If you're a NASCAR fan, you always want to know when and where the next race is. Finding NASCAR schedules online is easy when you know how to search.
  • How To Gut a Fish

    Follow the steps outlined in this article to correctly gut a fish so no mistakes are made that could harm the fish meat that you worked so hard to catch.
  • How To Get Started with Snowboarding

    Snowboarding can be a fun sport once you understand the gears and how they work, the stance and how it determines which way you move, and the fall line.
  • How To Prepare for Indoor Rock Climbing

    Indoor climbing is becoming an increasingly popular form of rock climbing along with ice climbing. Here's how to get your gear ready.
  • How To Bait a Hook

    Knowing how to bait a hook is important when fishing with live bait. Live bait includes worms, grasshoppers, crickets, beetles, meal worms, grubs, minnows, crayfish...
  • How To Follow a Hiking Trail

    You might follow a hiking trail if you are taking a short distance walk in a public park, climbing a mountain with a backpack, or taking a hike along a rough and...
  • How To Plan for Your Next Fishing Trip

    Planning a fishing trip isn’t that different from planning a regular family vacation. This article discusses how you can plan for your next fishing trip.
  • How To Plan for Fishing Trips

    When spring is near, it’s time to planning for fishing trips. It is a perfect time for anyone who loves fishing—and you want your fishing trip to be perfect and...
  • How To Beat Cheer and Dance Tryouts

    Tryouts got you down again? Why not learn how to beat tryouts instead of wondering what went wrong. There is a very real method to tryouts everyone should know. Read...
  • How To Clean a Semi-Automatic Pistol

    Cleaning a semi-automatic pistol is not difficult, especially if a few simple steps are followed. The area where the semi-automatic pistol cleaning is to take place...
  • How To Find Gun Parts

    No matter what the reason is, there may come a time when you have to find gun parts to use.
  • How To Use a Gun Broker

    You can use a gun broker to buy guns, even guns not normally available on the market, sell your own guns, or act as an agent for you at a gun auction.
  • How To Make Paintball Guns

    Paintball is a fun and competitive sport that has gripped Americans, young and old. But the equipment required, such as guns, paintballs and other gear, can cost...
  • How To Find a Montana Fishing Guide

    A quick online search for how to find a Montana fishing guide brings up numerous, confusing listings for fishing guides who want your business in Montana.
  • How To Take a Fly Fishing Trip

    If you're looking to take a trip to the great outdoors and go fly fishing while knocking back a few beers, you're going to want to be prepared.
  • How To Make it to the Olympics

    Qualifying for the Olympics is more competitive than any event, but with enough training and hard work, you can be one of the few that compete for the Olympic medal.
  • How To Understand the Pros and Cons of Gun Control

    You may be looking into this subject because you're considering becoming a federally licensed firearms dealer and you want to make an informed decision about your...
  • How To Go Turkey Hunting

    Turkey hunting can be a very enjoyable sport, if the hunter is prepared for the hunt.
  • How To Set Pigeon Traps

    Are you having trouble with pigeons? Or are you just a kid at heart and want to catch them? Learn how to set pigeon traps in a few simple steps.
  • How To Find the Best Ski Areas

    Finding the best ski area isn't difficult, but finding one to match your specific needs requires forethought. A few things to consider in deciding where to go for your...
  • How To Store a Snowboard

    To be able to store a snowboard properly, one has to first know the parts of a snowboard, and how each should be kept.
  • How To Dress for Snowboarding

    One important thing to consider when snowboarding is the proper attire. The warmth and comfort of how you dress for snowboarding will bear on your performance.
  • How To Replace Fishing Line

    Learn how avid anglers regularly replace their fishing line with fresh new spools to keep their fishing in tip-top shape.
  • How To Make a Trot Line

    A trot line is a long, horizontal fishing line that has several fishing hooks hanging along its length. It's easy to make and most materials can be found in a fishing...
  • How To Remove a Twist from Your Fishing Line

    When you are out fishing there is nothing more frustrating than line snags. Use these tips to learn how to remove a twist from your fishing line.
  • How To Be a Fly Fishing Guide

    Want to take your passion of fly fishing to a whole new level? Learn how to become a fly fishing guide.
  • How To Make Saltwater Bait Tips for Jigs

    When saltwater fishing, you can use different bait tips for jigs, depending on the species you are targeting and the size of the jig.
  • How To Clean Freshly Caught Catfish

    Catfish are easy to clean. Gather this list of supplies and read these tips to find out how.
  • How To Keep Fish Line from Twisting

    A twisted fish line is a common problem that plagues anglers. Learn how to maintain your main fishing line effectively.
  • How To Select the Right Sized Hook When Fly Fishing for Trout

    There is important equipment needed to land a trout while fly fishing. One of the more important ones is the hook.