How To Practice Volleyball Drills

Women volleyball players

A great warm-up practice volleyball drill is pepper.  This is a good drill because it can be done with only two people or expanded based on the number of people you have practicing, and the only equipment you need is a ball.  This drill can be as easy or as difficult as necessary, depending on the skill level of the players.  For starters, have the players stand facing each other standing anywhere from ten to twenty feet apart.  Person one should take the ball and underhand and toss it to person two.  Person two will then return the ball to person one by bumping or passing the ball.  Play can continue with person one passing or bumping the ball back and forth to each other, or for more skilled players there is a modification of this drill.  Player two will pass the ball to player one, player one will then set the ball back to player two, and player one will then spike or hit back to player one.  Play will continue until the ball is unplayable or until the drill has been stopped.

Serving drills are a great way for the whole team to practice and to ensure that you have a strong offense.  I like a drill similar to snake.  One player is serving ten balls and the other members of the team are running in place.  When the server misses the serve, the other players do up downs.  An up down consists of going down to the ground and doing a push-up and then standing back up.  This creates an opportunity for weaker players to improve their skills.  Better players should be at the end and this can help them build their stamina, as the more up downs they do, the more tired they will become.

The last drill I would recommend is the four person scrimmage, which allows your second string to play against your first string.  This is a full-on game but it only has two players in the back, usually back row defensive players and two players in the front, a setter and an attacker.  The other team will have the regular number of six players.  This is a great drill for back row placement and a great movement drill.  This will require your players to move around the floor and promote great communication amongst your four players.  It also is a fun way to see if your second string can beat your first string.


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