How To Sell a Dirt Bike

If it's time to sell your dirt bike, there are a few things you'll need to know in order to maximize your chance at getting the best possible price.

If your bike is in excellent condition, it makes sense that it's going to be easier to sell. If it's in less than stellar shape, you can consider fixing it up, or you can just accept that you'll get less than top dollar.

Either way, these simple steps will get you on your way to selling your dirt bike. First, you'll want to do a price comparison so you'll know if the price you are asking is fair.  A popular website to compare dirt bikes for sale is Craigslist. You can also check Dirtbike Trader.  Once you decide on an asking price, you'll want to post an ad. Both of the websites previously mentioned are great places to gain maximum exposure for your listing. You can also put an ad in your local paper and post flyers around the area.

There are a few important things to include in your ad. The first is pictures. Take a few from different angles, and make sure your background isn't too busy so as not to distract from the bike. How you word your ad is important, also. If your bike hasn't been ridden a lot, it's good to estimate how many hours and include it in your listing.  Using attractive language is also helpful. For instance, instead of just saying "the bike is red," you can say, "the bike is a brilliant shade of candy-apple red..." This helps buyers go beyond just looking at the picture they see in your ad and actually use their imagination to see the bike in their head - preferably with them on it!  In your listing, include a few ways to get a hold of you (email, phone, mobile phone), and be sure to return calls and emails immediately. Nothing turns a buyer off faster than having to wait to hear from you.

One final note, if you don't have a title for your bike and aren't sure if it's needed, check with your local DMV office. In some states, and for certain years and makes of dirt bikes, a title isn't necessary. You can also print out a blank Bill of Sale form from your DMV's website that you can fill out when you sell your bike.


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