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  • How To Get Maximum Height from Your Motocross Bike

    Achieving great heights while riding your motocross bike gives you a different sort of high, pun intended. In competitions, the higher a bike soars into the air, the...
  • How To Guess WWE Wrestlemania Match Winners

    The annual WrestleMania event is produced by WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). It is the most anticipated event in professional wrestling and usually happens around...
  • How To Swing a One Handed Backhand like Roger Federer

    Roger Federer is a tennis legend. His one-handed backhand is quite famous. It has been considered to be his most powerful and versatile weapon. Ironically, his...
  • How To Swing a Golf Club Like Tiger Woods

    Tiger Woods is today's pre-eminent golf pro legend, amassing a number of championships, titles and records in his field. Woods started learning about golf at the age...
  • How To Spin a Nunchuck

    A nunchuck is one of the most basic types of martial arts weapons. When you first get your nunchuck, you may think that it is a pretty simple tool to use, especially...
  • How To Using Folding Knives for Self-Defense

    Self-defense is very important to learn as many crimes happen around us. If you are caught in a situation where you have to defend yourself from being harmed, you need...
  • How To Use Throwing Knives

    The art of throwing knives—just like any other kind of art out there is a discipline that requires determination and the foresight to learn from your mistakes as...
  • How To Use a Hapkido Cane

    Hapkido is a martial art that originated from Korea. This type of self defense involves kicking and punching with the use of different types of weaponry including...
  • How To Use a Hapkido Rope Stick

    Hapkido is a Korean self defense skill that makes use of punching and kicking techniques. In this martial art, you can make use of many different weapons for combat....
  • How To Use a Bike Repair Stand

    Owning a bicycle is particularly advantageous in today’s time. You could go around places without the worry of consuming any gasoline at all. In as much as you are...
  • How To Teach yourself the Basics of Karate

    After five movies into the franchise, The Karate Kid still proves itself highly entertaining to both kids and adults. But many may be mistaken that in order for you to...
  • How To Train for the Shot Put

    Shot put is a popular track and field event that you can easily train for if you are willing to do it. It requires proper use of precision and strength. Many athletes...
  • How To Sharpen a Katana

    The katana sword is one of the most respected weapons by the Japanese. In the16th century, sword smiths held a high position in society just for sharpening swords....
  • How To Select a Belly Putter

    Playing golf started out as a hobby for many people. Over time, the hobby has developed into competitive sport that even a friendly round can turn into a betting...
  • How To Select Wresting Action Figures

    Wrestling has been part of the culture of the Americans since mid 1980’s, specifically the World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. or more widely known as WWE, which was...
  • How To Rollerblade a Vert Ramp

    If you live an active life, you may probably have tried rollerblading and enjoyed. Rollerblading is an exhilarating sport because it lets you try out crazy moves that...
  • How To Select a Pool Cue Stick

    In the game of billiards and pool, beginners often wonder which cue stick to use. And those who are contemplating on buying one usually ask what kind to purchase. Most...
  • How To Score in Tennis

    A game of tennis is comprised of points, sets, and games. There is an official scorer in tennis games. However, if you’re a fan or if you’re just starting out how...
  • How To Remove Bike Cranks

    Bicycles, or more commonly known as bikes, are human powered vehicles introduced in the middle of the 19th century. Invented by a German named Baron Karl von Drais, it...
  • How To Put Graphics on Skateboards

    There are some proven techniques to put graphics on skateboards for a clean look that won't damage your skateboard.
  • How To Repair Leather Golf Club Grips

    Not every golfer puts emphasis on golf club grips. In fact, the only time golf club grips are noticed is when they already have damages. As with anything, it is better...
  • How To Promote an MMA Event

    Mixed martial arts involve an assortment of combative techniques to disarm an opponent. An MMA event is an exciting one because the fighters in this competition hold...
  • How To Mount a Rear Rack on a Bike

    If you heavily depend on your bike to get you around, then you must install a rear rack for extra stuff you need to lug around like snacks, water, emergency tools, and...
  • How To Prevent Rust in Your Bike Frame

    While most bikes use titanium, graphite, or aluminum as the material for the frames, many still prefer the tough stature of steel. Yes, it may not be as common...
  • How To Rake a Sand Trap

    When playing golf, you may encounter a sand trap. In fact, if you play a professional course, it should have a sand trap to provide you with an extra level of...
  • How To Price Used Bicycles

    Do you have an old and unused bicycle lying and your garage? Do you want to sell it but you do not know how much it is worth today? Do not fret. There are some things...
  • How To Prevent Dehydration While Road Biking

    Biking is good exercise for the body. This is something that you can do regularly to keep yourself in shape. You can sweat a lot when biking, especially during the...
  • How To Make Your Goggles Anti-Fog

    Goggles are usually used to keep your eyes safe while playing sports or while driving or riding your motorcycle. One of the problems when it comes to goggles however...
  • How To Maintain Roller Blades

    Want to keep skating with roller blades? Use these tips for roller blade maintenance. Here's how to maintain roller blades.
  • How To Make a Bocce Set

    Bocce is a famous yard sport similar to bowling. It uses nine balls, one is small in size (pallino) and the remaining eight are large (point balls).
  • How To Make a Bo Staff

    For many practicing martial arts and enthusiasts, the Japanese weapon called “bo” is an effective staff weapon. It doesn’t have any blades but the damage it...
  • How To Kickstart a Panhead Harley

    If you want to ride a panhead Harley, this is what you're going to want to do to kickstart the Harley.
  • How To Make a Karate Belt Display

    Do you practice karate? Create a display to show off your accomplishments. Here's how to make a karate belt display.
  • How To Learn to Kickbox

    Want to get in shape? Kickboxing is a great way to improve your stamina and strength. Here's how to learn to kickbox.
  • How To Keep Track of Your Golf Handicap Online for Free

    Want to improve your golf game? These tips can help you track your handicap. Here's how to keep track of your golf handicap online for free.
  • How To Jump a BMX Bike Ramp

    Jumping a BMX bike from a ramp can really pump up your adrenaline. Here’s the basics on how you can jump your BMX bike on a ramp.
  • How To Join College Wrestling without Experience

    You can get on the college wrestling team without any experience on a high school or other wrestling squad if you come prepared.
  • How To Identify Grooves on a Golf Club

    Do you love golfing? Learn about how the square, U, or V groove on clubs spin the golf ball. Here’s how to identify grooves on a golf club.
  • How To Hit a Flop Shot in Golf

    Want to learn more golf shots? Use these tips to propel the ball at a high arc. Here's how to hit a flop shot in golf.
  • How To Increase Lung Capacity for Running

    Wish you could run farther? With these tips, you can breathe more easily as you run. Here's how to increase lung capacity for running.
  • How To Draw a Samurai Sword from its Sheath

    Need help using samurai swords? Learn to handle a samurai sword with these tips. Here's how to draw a samurai sword from its sheath.
  • How To Fix a Slow Skateboard

    Wish your skateboard could go faster? Use these tips to alter a skateboard's speed. Here's how to fix a slow skateboard.
  • How To Do Basic Wrestling Moves

    It is easy to learn wrestling if you start from its very foundation. Here are tips on how to do basic wrestling moves to get you started.
  • How To Make a Skate Park Out of Cardboard

    You can make a skate park for your Tech Deck skateboards out of the cardboard you've got lying around the house.
  • How To Do the Three-Turn Exercise in Figure Skating

    Follow these steps to learn the three turn exercise in figure skating and become able to change your skating direction more easily.
  • How To Do the Ali Shuffle

    Are you a boxer? Learn about the footwork that boxer Muhammad Ali used. Here's how to do the Ail shuffle.
  • How To Exercise for the Pole Vault

    Do you want to be a pole vaulter? Learn tips for the special exercises and training pole vaulting requires. Here’s how to exercise for the pole vault.
  • How To Determine the Correct Size for a Bo Staff

    Follow these steps to select the correct size bo staff for your martial arts training and get the best training results.
  • How To Buy a Target Bow for 3D Archery

    Interested in buying a bow for 3D archery? Get tips for finding target bows. Here's how to buy a target bow for 3D archery.
  • How To Buy a Tandem Bicycle

    Want to try riding a tandem bicycle? Get tips for choosing the best tandem bike for your needs. Here's how to buy a tandem bicycle.