How To Take Ski Lessons

Winter doesn't have to mean six months of sitting inside, watching the snow fall on your frozen lawn.  A great way to cure cabin fever is to hit the slopes with your family and friends.  If you aren't an expert skier, don't worry.  It's a lot easier to learn to ski than you might think.  Just head to the nearest snow-covered mountain, and take ski lessons.

Before you even schedule your first skiing lesson, do a little research.  Ask your friends if they have any recommendations. Call your local ski resort and inquire whether they offer private lessons, and how much each lesson will cost.  Taking skiing lessons can be quite expensive if you hire your own personal ski instructor, so consider booking this session on a weekday or taking a group lesson.  Both will save you money.

On the day of your first lesson, arrive at the mountain at least 20 minutes early.  This will give you adequate time to man your gear and get in line. Talk to your fellow students.  Ask them about their own personal experiences, and which class each is attending.  If you feel that you are less advanced than most people in your class, it may be too advanced for you.  Arrange for a lower level class geared toward beginners. This, of course, isn't a consideration if you are taking private lessons.  You will have the full attention of your instructor, and he or she will be able to guide you regardless of your skill level.

Once the class has begun, pay close attention to what your instructor is saying.  If you are in a group, watch the other students, and learn from their mistakes.  When it comes time for you to perform a specific maneuver, don't get defensive or embarrassed if the instructor criticizes your attempt.  Remember: you are there to learn, and practice does make perfect; just try a little harder next time.

When you hit the lift, take a look at the more experienced skiers gliding down the mountain.  Watch their form, and take a few mental notes. Keep in mind what your instructor told you about the basics.  Many times you will see the most advanced skiers making the simplest mistakes. Once you have finished taking your first ski lesson, tip the instructor if you plan to return. This small gesture will help you gain favor with your teacher, and he or she will remember this generosity during your next lesson.


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