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Our site has plenty of information for the water sports fan. For those who love to coast along rivers, this is the place to search for news on great places to go canoeing, tips on picking the right canoe, and the best time of year for your trip. Powerboating and jet skiing are also popular, and our site can teach you how to maintain your equipment, as well as proper safety techniques and places you can rent powerboating or jet skiing equipment cheaply for a day out on the lake.

Safety, technique and form are important parts of swimming and diving, and our site can help you master these aspects of the sport. Or, if you prefer to water ski, you can search for the best lakes to ski on and where to buy equipment; newcomers to the sport can learn where to go for lessons. Water sports equipment comes in a variety of brands, choices and types and the wide variety of available options can often be confusing, but through our site you can find resources with tips, tricks and ways to save money when shopping.

For the new or experienced scuba diver, we have links to experts to answer your questions and discussions on current issues in the sport. You can also learn how to get certified and find out about safety issues that you should consider when diving. For those who love to have adventure above the water, wakeboarding and kneeboarding are exciting sports. Finding the best boards and equipment is a snap on our site, as is locating rentals and places to go for a great time. This is also true for those who are into kiteboarding and bodyboarding. Our site has all of the resources you need when it comes to enjoying the water!

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    There are three primary types of ski lifts that can be found on most ski slopes: a pommel lift, an open chair lift, and a closed chair lift.
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    Entering surf competitions, like with most competitions, is a big step. Competitions ranging from amateur to professional rank usually require the same amount of skill.
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    Lowe Boats was founded in 1971, by Carl and Dianna Lowe when they started building aluminum boats and canoes.
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