How To Apply for USA Passports Online

Get New United States Passports by Filling out Form DS-11

Online passport application

If you live in the United States, and you're planning a trip abroad, it is important to apply for new passports at least 2 months in advance (to avoid extra charges for an expedited processing). You can now get the application online. The first step in applying for a new passport is filling out the application, Form DS-11. How do you download and fill it out? Some directions are detailed below:

  1. Downloading the passport application: Form DS-11, is available for download on the US Department of State's website.
    • The passport application form is a Portable Document Format (PDF) file, and your computer must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it. If you do not have the software, you must first download it. You can do so by clicking here.
    • If you would like to download a blank application, click here. If you would like to fill out the application online, then print it, click here.
  2. Printing the passport application: When printing the application, there are several requirements that must be followed.
    • You must use standard paper that is sized 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches.
    • The printing must be clear and legible.
    • The paper must be a standard medium weight, matte white (not shiny), and ink must be black.
    • The printer's ink must be black and there may not be any holes or perforations in the paper. 
    • After printing, make sure that the box for pasting on your passport photo is the correct size of 2 inches by 2 inches.
    • how to fill in a passportIt is important to print the application on one-sided paper. An application that is printed on double-sided paper will not be accepted.
    • For more information on these guidelines, visit the US Department of State's website.
  3. Filling out the passport application: As stated above, there are two ways to fill out the application: 1) typing your answers into the online form 2) writing answers by hand, in black ink, or by use of a typewriter. In both cases, you will need to provide the following information.
    • Your full name
    • Age
    • Date of birth
    • Place of birth
    • Phone number
    • Hair color
    • Social security number
    • Mailing address
    • Permanent Address.
    • Occupation
    • Employer
    • Your parents' names and birth information
    • Your spouse's name and birth information
    • Any other names you have used previously
    • Your travel plans
    • Emergency contact information
  4. Signing the application: It is important that you do not sign the application until you take the oath administered only by an authorized passport acceptance agent.
  5. Submitting the passport application: Along with the completed passport application, you must submit the following:
    • Proof of US Citizenship
    • Proof of Identity
    • Two recent passport sized (2x2 inches) photographs
    • The passport application fee

Before applying, make sure you research the passport requirements which you can also find online before printing the application. Now you know how to apply for a passport so start preparing your travel documents for your dream vacation!


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