How To Find Tourist Information

When traveling to a new place, it's important to inform yourself about it. Tourist information can help you learn all about your travel destination, including such important subjects as weather, the landscape, the local attractions, how to get around and the best places to eat, shop and sleep.

  1. First, you'll need to decide how detailed you want your information to be. Are you traveling to a new city? Doing a tour of a particular region or perhaps a country? Where you want to travel will dictate what kind of information you need to get.
  2. You can find guides to cities, states, regions, countries and even continents in the "Travel" section of your local bookstore. Many larger chains also have websites with an even wider selection of books to choose from, as well as online-only retailers such as Powell's or Amazon.
  3. Travel agencies also carry guides and maps should you choose to utilize their services for planning your trip.
  4. American Automobile Association members get free tourist information at any AAA office. AAA carries an extensive number of maps, as well as guides to cities and states, and coupons for discounts to attractions within the place (or places) you plan to visit.
  5. The Internet also provides a wealth of information on all kinds of travel destinations. Foreign countries offer tourist guides in English, and most states have "Information for visitors" links on their official sites. These are good sources for travel ideas and inspiration.
  6. If you find yourself in a new city without any information about it at all, stop by the city hall. There you should be able to find inexpensive city guides and maps, as well as information about local attractions.


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