How To Plan a Romantic Getaway

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Occasionally, every couple ought to escape the humdrum of daily routine and indulge in a romantic getaway. While popular, couples often avoid these excursions due to the impression that romantic trips require elaborate planning. Don't be intimidated! The value of these vacations far outweighs the labor in planning and preparing them. Consider the following guidelines.

  1. Decide when to go and ask for the vacation time. This is a crucial, often neglected step. Getting the vacation time from work well in advance of the trip will ensure that the getaway is uninterrupted by work obligations and will also relieve you of significant stress. If necessary, schedule child care for this time as well. Consult grandparents or friends in advance so they can make the necessary arrangements, as well.
  2. Decide where to go. This may be determined, to a varying degree, by budget. Splurging can sometimes be a romantic gesture, but a romantic getaway need not be an elaborate trip to a resort. Consider a trip to the lodge at the local state park, or just a weekend at home without the kids. The most important element of a romantic getaway is the couple's escape to a space that can be theirs alone, where they may devote complete attention to each other.

    If you do decide to travel, be mindful of the activities that you both enjoy. Consider staying at a small bed-and-breakfast or other accommodations that nurture a sense of quaint, romantic privacy. Search the Internet for B&B accommodations, and also look for those "undiscovered gem" destinations, far from bustling crowds.

    Also, if one of you is a nervous flyer, that can add a lot of stress to what is supposed to be a relaxing, romantic weekend. Consider the severity of the problem and take steps to either overcome the fear of flying or simply choose a destination that you can take a train or drive to.

  3. Make reservations early. By doing so, you not only will secure the desired accommodations, but also you both commit yourselves to the vacation (often the hardest part for busy professionals). Book accommodations, buy plane tickets and reserve rental cars in advance. Include a day of leisure after returning home to do laundry and rest from the traveling, too. Nothing hinders romance like the knowledge that you will both face immediate return to the stresses of work without a buffer day.
  4. Don't over-schedule. This is a romantic getaway, so leave time for romance! While a trip to the mountains may offer numerous activities, don't attempt to do them all. The only result will be fatigue - hardly romantic. Pick two or three activities that both will enjoy, and leave the rest of the time unplanned. Be spontaneous. Also, be careful about outdoor activities; sunburn or a nasty sprain tends to put a damper on romance.
  5. Be romantic! Women should remember that slinky lingerie they've never worn and should pack it along with a scented candle, massage oil and whatever else is needed for a romantic getaway. Buy chocolates, strawberries and champagne - make the time together truly special.
  6. Men should remember that they are an equal partner in making the weekend romantic. Turn off the cell phones and pagers, don't insist on watching "the game" during the weekend, buy flowers and pay attention to your personal hygiene. Consider preparing and serving your partner's favorite breakfast. Most importantly, make a point of focusing exclusively on your partner. This kind of special attention will help draw the two of you closer together. You can often truly impress your partner by your attention to details.
  7. A surprise getaway is always special. Whether the man or woman plans it, returning home on Friday afternoon to a packed suitcase and tickets to a romantic destination is almost certain to add some spark to the relationship. Even if the surprise is spoiled before the getaway, your partner will certainly find your attempt endearing. A spontaneous, surprise getaway may be the best plan available!

Couples should enjoy their time together and should make an effort to discover something new about each other during the trip. With some advanced planning and a playful spirit, a romantic getaway can become a treasured memory.


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