How To Book Maui Bike Tours

While all the Hawaiian islands are lovely, Maui is especially lush. Its Haleakala National Park is home to Mount Haleakala, a 10,000-foot-tall volcano, which is the top destination for many bike tours on the island. However, that isn't the only place on Maui to cycle. With a little research and planning, you could find yourself biking along the coast, through rainforests, and even to the local winery. Any path you choose, a bike tour can be an amazing way to explore the natural beauty of Maui.

  1. Make a plan: Will cycling be the focus of your trip, or just one part of an extended vacation? When do you plan on going? Who is going with you? Having a plan in mind before you start looking around will help narrow your search and allow you to pick the perfect tour for you. Remember, Hawaii gets a lot of rain!
  2. Do your research: This can be as easy as typing "Maui bike tours" into any search engine. The internet is a great resource for companies offering all kinds of tours and tour packages; you can comparison-shop in your pajamas from sites like Maui Bike Tours, Mountain Riders, and Maui Bike.
  3. Get help: Check out the Travel section of an online bookstore, like Powell's and Amazon, or head over to the bookstore in your neighborhood. Having a guide can help you organize your bike tour, as well as plan a longer vacation in Maui.

  4. Ask questions: Now that you have an idea of what's out there, call up the companies offering the tours you're interested in and get the details. Some companies have age and height requirements, which are important to take into consideration when traveling with young children. Others don't offer tours during stormy weather, so you might not want to go during the rainy season. Be sure to ask about rates and any specials they might have--this way you ensure you're getting both an adventure and the best deal possible.


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