How To Find a Map of America

A map is a handy thing to have around.  Its purpose may be to present a geographically accurate picture of a region, but you can use a map as decoration, to win bets, and to educate yourself. What follows is a guide to finding a map of North America, one of the seven continents on our planet Earth. Whether you want the most current picture of the continent, or you're looking for a 19th-century antique, with a little work, you will discover the map of North America you're looking for.

  1. Free maps of North America can be found online through a simple search on any search engine. Sites like World Atlas, Atlapedia Online, and Google images, provide lots of different maps for you to view, download and print, should you be so inclined.
  2. If you haven't checked already, poke around the house for an atlas. Atlases are books of maps, and unless they are specific to certain regions, any regular atlas will contain at least one map of North America.
  3. Those without atlases on the bookshelf should go to a bookstore. Look for one in the Travel or Reference sections, or ask an employee for help.
  4. If you prefer to choose from the widest selection of maps and atlases possible, visit Powell's or Amazon, and buy your map of North America online.
  5. Interested in more than just geography? Head over to eBay and search for "map North America." Add "antique," or the specific century or date you're interested in, to narrow your search.  The same antiques search can be performed on Google for millions of sites that sell or auction beautiful older maps of the continent.
  6. For more utilitarian maps, like ones used for driving, check out the Travel section of your book retailer of choice, or talk to a travel agent. American Automobile Association members get maps and travel guides for free!


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