How To Find Discount Tickets and Coupons for Theme Parks

Go to Your Favorite Amusement Park for a Fraction of the Cost

Last year some of my friends decided to take their family to a popular theme park. They hadn't been to the park since they were children, and though they expected higher prices now, they were shocked when they checked out the prices on the website.

After picking up their jaws off the floor, my friends called me to find out how to get discount theme park tickets. I gave them this list of ideas. They were able to get into the park at half-price, so I hope these tips help you as well. Here's how to find theme park discounts on tickets.

  1. Save Your Soda Cans: Many soda companies, especially Coca-Cola will offer discounts to popular theme parks. Usually the specials are for parks with several sites nationally, so that the company can print the same cans and still offer the special all over the country. By collecting your soda cans, you can generally save $5 to $10 per entry ticket to the theme park tickets
  2. Theme Park Website: Theme park websites are a goldmine when it comes to getting a great deal on your tickets. Most parks will offer online-only specials. You can find out about these discount tickets by checking the website regularly or signing up on the park's email list. Though less common now, you may also be able to link to an RSS feed that will tell you all the news from the park; eventually, these will probably become more common.
  3. eBay: eBay is the discount shopper's best friend. You never know what you'll find, but you'll usually get a great deal. Many theme park tickets can be found online through eBay (Craigslist is also becoming a popular forum). You may be able to find cheap tickets and discount vouchers as well.
  4. Grocery Stores: Finally, let's talk about my personal favorite. Local grocery stores offer deals every summer on nearby theme park tickets. Often you can get half-price by taking advantage of these incredible deals. Be sure to read the weekly sales circular to find out about new promotions and any coupons for theme parks.
  5. Airlines: Many airlines will also offer discount tickets to major national theme parks. Simply check airline and theme park websites to look for deals on tickets. Bonus: sometimes these can also be used as frequent flyer mile rewards!
  6. Discount Ticket Websites: There are several websites like that specialize in selling discounted theme park tickets. Although is the most prominent, there are a few others that can be found using a simple Google search.

By keeping up with the news from just a few places like eBay and your local grocery store, you can save your family a ton of money on theme park tickets. Remember that you'll also need to take cash with you to the park in case you want to purchase food or souvenirs. Saving money on your entrance to the park will allow you to visit more often in the future.


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