How To Find Kids' Travel Games

During a long trip of any kind, keeping your children entertained will likely be your greatest challenge. Kids' travel games can help ease your fears of hours of fighting as they keep the kids excited, interested, and friendly throughout the trip.

Finding the travel games, though, can also be a challenge. Here are a few ideas on great games to play and where to find them.

  1. Classic Games: You would be amazed by how many games remain popular through the years. When you need to keep the kids occupied, you can always pull out an old favorite like the ABC Game or I Spy.
  2. Wally World: Walmart, Target, and similar stores have a huge selection of games. You can take the kids or go alone and pick a number of popular travel games that will keep them entertained throughout the trip. 
  3. Dollar Store: If you don't want to pay a fortune to keep the kids occupied, you can try the dollar store. You may be surprised by how many cool things they'll find and love. Let each child pick out a few of their favorite items, and it will be worth hours of entertainment on the trip.
  4. Rand McNally Kids Guide: If kids are excited or anxious about a long car trip, try a Rand McNally kids map/guide. They'll learn a lot about the places they're visiting and passing while also staying interested in something besides fighting for the majority of the trip. You can find these at the bookstore or online.

    You could even create a trivia game specific to the regions through which you'll be traveling. Your kids would enjoy the challenge (especially if there are treats involved as prizes) and, at the same time, would learn about places along the way.

  5. Internet: The Internet is full of fun games for kids. By searching for kids' games websites, you can find hundreds of options. Older kids might enjoy playing puzzle games like Sudoku. You can print out many games so that you can carry them with you. Check out the recommended links section to find more ideas and printable games.
  6. Friends: Ask your friends and the parents of your kids' friends about games that they would suggest. Sometimes you will be shocked by the games kids ended up enjoying on a long trip. Other parents may even have games that you can borrow just for your trip. Just remember to pay back the favor later.

With a little creativity and a little curiousity, you can find games that your kids will love and won't drive you crazy. You can also encourage your kids' imagination by suggesting that they make up their own games on the trip.


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