How To Find Beach Vacation Rentals

The search for beach vacation rentals doesn't have to be a chore -- just think of the hours of relaxation and enjoyment that await you, and the search is bound to be a pleasure as well!  There are so many idyllic beaches to choose from, and there are many ways to search for that perfect place to stay while at the beach by using the internet or printed materials.

  1. A good place to start your rental search is the yellow pages. After deciding which beach you want to visit, look under real estate for rental managers.

Other print resources include the newspaper in the classified section for vacation real estate and also local real estate guides, which are available at real estate businesses and also at a lot of retail sites such as grocery or department stores.

  • Don't dismiss the value of word-of-mouth advice. Let people know you are in the market for a vacation rental at the beach. It's not unusual to find someone who knows someone who rents their beach property to vacationers.
  • Using a travel agent for international beach property renting would help with knowledge of local laws, customs, necessary paperwork, health issues and when is the best or least expensive time to go. An agent may be worth the extra cost.
  • Determine what size rental you will need and whether you want beachfront or beach view property. Are you willing to walk to the public beach areas and perhaps save money? Keeping in mind the price range you can afford -- and whether or not you are splitting the cost with others -- will help you, your real estate guide or your travel agent narrow down the choices of rental lodging. You'll likely face many of the following options.
    • Townhouse.
    • Apartment.
    • Cottage.
    • Condominium.
    • House.
    • Villa.
    • Timeshare.
    • Bed and breakfast.


  • Consider running a personal ad in the locals to rent from the owner or a business. Be cautious about information and identification of a personal nature. Use a cell phone number and take someone with you when meeting with the landlord or agent to sign papers, pick up a key or inspect the property.  Use e-mail or fax to send information back and forth including pictures of the property.
  • You could also use a computer to search in the beach area you want to visit. Most cities have tourism websites containing valuable information including contacts that may help with your planning.

    In addition, there are many web sites that have owner's listings of rental properties and they have all the specifications including location, pictures of the property, size, amenities and price for the low and high season.

  • Amenities and services in the immediate vicinity may help you decide which beach property you would like to rent. These amenities and local features may include continental breakfast, daily newspaper delivery, golf, pool, biking, hiking, lifeguards, beach umbrellas, restaurants, stores, pet-friendly (usually adds to the price), disability-friendly, post office and resort facilities such as hair salon, spa, masseuse and exercise room.

    Research these rental websites for the amenities you desire and get ideas for more possibilities:  and

  • Payment options may include:
    • Check
    • Money order
    • Credit Card
    • PayPal

    Remember to keep your identity safe and keep records of all transactions. 


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