How To Find Gold Coast Accommodations

Australia's Gold Coast is a popular destination for word-class beaches, located not too far south of Brisbane on the east coast of the continent. Surfers love the beaches of the Gold Coast, some of which are Australia's most celebrated. Not only are Gold Coast beaches spectacular, but they're also safe; shark protection at Gold Coast beaches is astonishingly effective, with not one deadly shark attack occurring in the last 40 years at any protected beach. How did James Cook resist the temptation to settle here permanently? Good question! Perhaps he couldn't swim. And they weren't shark-protected beaches back then either, of course... But history isn't the focus today (luckily). Today is all about Gold Coast accommodations, from hostel to top-notch hotel.

  1. Purchasing a travel guide is rarely a bad investment when you're traveling to a different country. Check out Frommer's Australia 2004 (Marc Llewellyn and Lee Mylne), or Lonely Planet East Coast Australia (Verity Campbell, et al). You can purchase both of these fine guide books through Alternately, you can visit your local book or map store for more options.
  2. Check out online tourism sites. The Gold Coast has great information about accommodations and many other aspects of travel to the Gold Coast. Very Gold Coast will help you locate a wide spectrum of accommodation options in the vicinity, from hostels and cabins to hotels and resorts. That site is definitely worth a visit.
  3. There are the more than 20 protected beaches to consider as well when finding Gold Coast accommodations. The Gold Coast has over 43 miles of coastline. Everybody wants their ideal beach to be as close to where they stay as possible, right?

    Do you want a good family beach? Check out the southern Gold Coast beaches. Are you primarily interested in a swimming beach or is surfing your cup of tea? Good swimming can be found at many of the beaches, including Coolangata and Greenmount, but surfers really love Kirra beach. Looking for that beach a little less populated and noisy? You might want to try Mermaid beach instead of Surfer's Paradise. Are you trying to spot migrating whales? If you don't have a guide book, check out Gold Coast Beaches. A little beach research could help you decide where to book your Gold Coast accommodations.

  4. Gold Coast is home to many other exciting opportunities for the tourist as well. In addition to the loads of shopping, you might want accommodations closer to theme parks like the famous Dreamworld, only a half-hour's drive from Surfer's Paradise. Or you may want to be as far away from that as possible. There are lots of adventurous activities, chances to view wildlife, opportunities to enjoy the arts and restaurants where you can indulge in memorable meals. Check out Queensland Holidays to learn all about these opportunities when deciding where to book your Gold Coast accommodations.

There are far too many possible accommodations along the Gold Coast to list or examine all of them in this brief article, but the resources recommended in this article will help you find the best one for you on your vacation . Happy travels!


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