How To Find World Maps

The easiest path to finding a world map depends upon why you need one.  You may need one to find your way around a foreign country, or possibly to teach your students about world geography.  You may even need one just to decorate a wall in your home.  Start your search for a world map in one of these spots:

  1. bills itself as the World's Largest Map Store, and indeed, they do seem to have a map for every corner of the globe.  In addition, you can order maps in a variety of formats - by region, by country, even by hemisphere.  They also carry maps with additional features, such as those divided by time zone.
  2. National Geographic website.  The National Geographic website features fact sheets about every country.  In addition, they have downloadable maps which print in only black-and-white, which can be useful if you don't have access to a color printer.  You can also choose from either a basic or detail-level map, with or without country borders notated.
  3. Your library.  Most libraries have an extensive collection of maps.  An advantage to finding a map at your local library is that besides being nearby, you can usually check them out for free!  Just make sure that the map is current.  Libraries may not update their maps as frequently as retail stores.
  4. World Maps website.  If you are looking for classroom-type, roll-up world maps, the World Maps website is a great place to start.  They can provide you with relief maps, political maps and historical maps, as well as many other formats.  You can also order more traditional, fold-up world maps.
  5. Rand McNally.  The people who wrote the book on U.S. maps know a thing or two about international maps, too.  They offer fold-up maps, wall maps and online maps, just like the other sources listed here, but you can also find world atlases and many kinds of globes.  And, if you can't find what you need, they offer custom-designed maps, too.

With all of these options, it's easier than ever to find a map that fulfills your needs.  Just remember, if you are using a map for travel, always get the most current version available.  Political boundaries in some areas of the world change on an almost-daily basis.


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